Modules from the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and the Built Environment

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Name Code Type
Advanced Architectural Design Studio 9 ACM003B Module
Advanced Architectural Design Studio 9 ACM001A Module
Advanced Building Technology AC5002 Module
Advanced Building Technology ACM011 Module
Advanced Commercial Supply Chain & Category Management SUM408 Module
Advanced Construction Technology SU4035 Module
Architectural Criticism, Journalism And Publishiing AC5007 Module
Architectural Design Studio 1 AC1001 Module
Architectural Design Studio 2 AC1004 Module
Architectural Design Studio 3 AC2001 Module
Architectural Design Studio 4 AC2004 Module
Architectural Design Studio 5 AC3001 Module
Architectural Design Studio 6 AC3004 Module
Architectural Design Studio 7 AC5001 Module
Architectural Design Studio 8 AC5004 Module
Building Control And Administration SU2031 Module
Building Design and its Determinants - SU1051 SU1051 Module
Building Design and Technology SU1053 Module
Building Information Modelling: Application ACM016 Module
Building Information Modelling: Strategy and Concepts ACM015 Module
Building Pathology 1 SU2036 Module
Building Pathology 2 SU3035 Module
Building Pathology 3 SU4023 Module
Building Structure And Technology SU2025 Module
Building Technology 2 AC1005 Module
Building Technology 3 SU2002 Module
Built Asset Management SUM106 Module
Built Asset Procurement and Contractual Arrangements SUM105 Module
Built Asset Procurement And Contractual Arrangements SU236 Module
Built Environment Communication And Scholarship Skills SU1003 Module
Built Heritage Conservation SU4020 Module
Commercial Business Dynamics SUM401 Module
Commercial Project Management SUM403 Module
Commercial Value Creation SUM405 Module
Competence And Performance Assessment SUM306 Module
Construction AC4006 Module
Construction Management SU4034 Module
Construction Project Management SU1052 Module
Construction Project Management SUM107 Module
Construction Technology SU2219 Module
Contemporary Issues in Urban Design and Development AC4012 Module
Contract Administration SU3016 Module
Contract Performance Management SUM406 Module
Contractual Approaches to Procurement SUM409 Module
Core Business Skills SUM402 Module
Design Management SU197 Module
Design Management SUM201 Module
Design Management Project 1 SU205 Module
Design Management Project 2 SU206 Module
Design Philosophy 1. Dweling And Housing AC1003 Module
Design Philosophy 2 AC1006 Module
Design Philosophy 3 Architecture And Landscape History I AC2003 Module
Design Philosophy 4 Architecture And Landscape History Ii AC2006 Module
Design Philosophy 5 City In Context AC3006 Module
Design Philosophy 6. Architecture And Landscape History Iii. Modernity AC5003 Module
Design Technology 1 (A) SU2023 Module
Design Technology 1 (A) SU2030 Module
Design Technology 2 SU3040 Module
Design Technology 3 SU4001 Module
Detailing and Specification SU1017 Module
Digital Design SU217 Module
Dimension Control SU3033 Module
Dissertation AC4002 Module
Dissertation SUM500 Module
Dissertation SU179 Module
Dissertation ACM007A Module
Economics for the Built Environment SU1002 Module
Economics For The Built Environment BS1105 Module
Economics Of The Built Environment SUM602 Module
Environment & Services SU2003 Module
Environmental Design AC4008 Module
Exchange Programme SU3023 Module
Facilities Management SU195 Module
Formulating the Development Proposal SUM605 Module
Formulating The Development Proposal SU204 Module
History and Theory 1. Introduction AC1009 Module
History And Theory 4. Modernity AC2007 Module
History And Theory 5. The City And Contemporary Architecture AC3014 Module
History and Theory 6. Contemporary Architectural Ideas and Practice AC5010 Module
Industrial Placement SU3022 Module
Information Management In Construction & Property SU190 Module
Integrated Building Technology 1 AC3011 Module
Integrated Building Technology 2 AC3012 Module
Integrative Studies 2 - Architectural Technology SU2011 Module
Integrative Studies 2 - Surveying SU2026 Module
Integrative Studies 2 Construction Management SU2038 Module
Integrative Studies 3 - Architectural Technology SU3011 Module
Integrative Studies 3 - Construction Design And Management SU3034 Module
Integrative Studies 3 - Surveying SU3014 Module
Intregrative Studies 1 - Arch. Tech. SU1025 Module
Introduction To Building Design SU1001 Module
Introduction To Building Technology AC1002 Module
Introduction to Project Management SU2037 Module
Landscape AC5006 Module
Law & Construction Contracts SU3004 Module
Law And Procurement SU2225 Module
Low Carbon Housing SUM301 Module
Management For The Built Environment 1 SU2001 Module
Management For The Built Environment 2 SU3001 Module
Management Of Design & Construction SU4030 Module
Masters Studio 3 (Integrated Detailed Design) ACM001B Module
Measurement 2 SU3070 Module
Mensuration And Measurement SU2005 Module
Numerical Processing Using Spreadsheets SU1016 Module
Performance Evaluation SU4014 Module
Procurement For The Built Environment 1 SU2006 Module
Procurement For The Built Environment 2 SU3010 Module
Product Design AC4010 Module
Professional Practice AC3003 Module
Professional Practice SU3200 Module
Professional Practice And Management ACM005 Module
Professional Practice Portfolio SU3022A Module
Professional Practice Simulation SU3039 Module
Project And Work Management SUM307 Module
Project Information, Organisation And Behaviour SUM103 Module
Project Management 1 SU214 Module
Project Planning and Control SUM104 Module
Property Investment And Management SUM604 Module
Property Management SU4019 Module
Research Methods AC5005 Module
Research Project ACM010 Module
Risk And Safety Management SUM001 Module
Risk Management SU4036 Module
Risk Management and Supply Chain Vulnerability SUM407 Module
Simulated Professional Practice SU3033B Module
Surveying Methods SU1005 Module
Sustainable Development AC888 Module
Sustainable development SUM304 Module
The Construction Industry : An Introduction SU1050 Module
Urban Environment and Social Regeneration SSM210 Module
Value & Cost Studies 1 SU2010 Module
Value & Cost Studies 2 SU3002 Module
Value & Cost Studies 3 SU4004 Module
Work Based Learning - 5 SU2015 Module
Work Based Learning - 6 SU2040 Module
Work Based Learning - 8 SU2033 Module
Work Based Learning -10 SU3043 Module
Work Based Learning -12 SU3045 Module
Work Based Learning -14 SU4000 Module
Work Based Learning -15 SU4025 Module

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