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Adversity and Resilience 1 SS2054 Module
Adversity and Resilience 2 (Residential Child Care) SS3072 Module
Adversity and Resilience 2 (Working with Adults) SS3062 Module
Adversity and Resilience 2 (Working with Children) SS3061 Module
An Introduction To Law And Politics In Social Work SS1007 Module
Applied Research And Evaluation SS4051 Module
Assessed Practice And Analysis 1 SSM104 Module
Assessed Practice And Analysis 2 SSM205 Module
Biological Foundations of Behaviour SS4054 Module
Biological Psychology And Neuroscience SSM107 Module
Building Sustainable Community Relations SSM208 Module
Change Process, Group Care Contexts And Institutional Experience SSM202 Module
Child Development SS2033 Module
Children And Young People, Health And Disability SS3034 Module
Children, Youth And Society SS2000 Module
Citizenship and Community Development SS2055 Module
Clinical Psychology And Mental Health SSM112 Module
Clinical Psychology and Mental Health SS4014 Module
Cognitive And Social Psychology SS1005 Module
Cognitive Psychology SSM110 Module
Cognitive Psychology SS3021 Module
Community Care And Vulnerable User Groups SSM201 Module
Comparative Health And Social Work SS4005 Module
Contexts of Social Work Practice: Law, Sociology and Social Policy SS4035 Module
Contextual Studies SS2061 Module
Contextual Studies - Children And Young People SS2023 Module
Contextual Studies: Social Pedagogy SS2052 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Energy Sector SSM206 Module
Counselling SS3025 Module
Counselling Within Social Work Practice SS3039 Module
Crime, Criminology And The Justice System SS4052 Module
Criminal Justice Social Work SS4033 Module
Criminal Justice, Children and Families SSM203 Module
Development, Behaviour And Interpersonal Processes SS4036 Module
Developmental Psychology SSM108 Module
Developmental Psychology SS3022 Module
Developments In Counselling SS4010 Module
Disability And Mental Health: A Life Course Approach SS2031 Module
Discovering Psychology: Classic Studies And Debates SS2037 Module
Dissertation SS4006 Module
Dissertation - Residential Child Care SS4023 Module
Dissertation And Research Studies SS4025 Module
Dissertation Study SS4003 Module
Dissertation/Literature Review SSM301 Module
Disserttation Proposal & Research Methods SS4032 Module
Effective Practice SS4049 Module
Energy, Security And Conflict SSM220 Module
Ethical and Effective Leadership SSM215 Module
Ethical Leadership and Influence SS3065 Module
Ethical Practice SS4022 Module
Ethics, Personal Relationships And Social Life SS1017 Module
Evidence Based Practice SS4019 Module
Exploring Research SS2018 Module
Forensic Psychology SS4029 Module
Forensic Psychology SSM115 Module
Gender, Culture and Society SS1016 Module
Global Development SS4067 Module
Group Care SS3007 Module
Group Processes and Practice SS3063 Module
Health Psychology SSM113 Module
Health Psychology SS3016 Module
Health, Self And Society SS3015 Module
Human Growth And Behaviour SS2056 Module
Human Growth And Behaviour SS2002 Module
Human Growth And Relationships SS2053 Module
Individual Psychology And The Lifespan SS1002 Module
Integration and Interdisciplinary Practice SS4066 Module
Interdisciplinary Practice SS4004 Module
Interdisciplinary Practice - Working with Vulnerable Groups SS3064 Module
Interprofessional Practice And Team Management SS4047 Module
Introductory Psychology: Social Sciences SS1018 Module
Introductory Sociology SS1003 Module
Law (Introductory And Child Care) SS2011 Module
Law And Legal Systems SS2041 Module
Law And Policy SS4050 Module
Law And Social Work SS2001 Module
Learning in Practice 1: Creative Action SS2058 Module
Learning In Practice 1: Reflexivity In and On Practice SS2060 Module
Learning in Practice 1: Theoretical Understanding SS2059 Module
Learning in Practice 2: Creative Action SS3073 Module
Learning In Practice 2: Creative Action (Working with Adults) SS3067 Module
Learning In Practice 2: Creative Action (Working with Children) SS3066 Module
Learning In Practice 2: Reflexivity In and On Practice (Working with Adults) SS3071 Module
Learning in Practice 2: Reflexivity In and On Practice (Working with Children) SS3070 Module
Learning In Practice 2: Theoretical Understanding (Working with Children) SS3068 Module
Learning In Practice 2: Theoretical Understanding of Practice (Working with Adults) SS3069 Module
Management In Social Work Settings SS4016 Module
Managing Local Content SSM218 Module
Media, Culture and Society SS4053 Module
Mental Wellbeing and Mental Disorder SSM007 Module
Organisational and Management Psychology SS3029 Module
Organisational And Management Psychology SS4013 Module
Organisational And Professional Practice SSM204 Module
People With Substance Problems SS4030 Module
Personal And Professional Development 1 SS2032 Module
Personal And Professional Development 2 SS3046 Module
Personality and Individual Differences SSM111 Module
Practice Analysis 1 SS3031 Module
Practice Analysis 2 SS4026 Module
Practice Learning - Risk Assessment/Risk Management SS4018 Module
Practice Learning 1 - Competence In Practice SS3038 Module
Practice Learning 1 - Contexts SS2030 Module
Practice Learning 2 - Competence In Practice SS4044 Module
Practice Learning 2/Contexts SS3019 Module
Professional Development And Ethical Practice SS4048 Module
Professional Development Plan SS4011 Module
Psychological And Sociological Understanding Of Human Development SS1000 Module
Psychology For Social Work Practice SS2046 Module
Psychology: Personality And Individual Differences SS2014 Module
Qualitative Research Methods SS3026 Module
Readiness For Practice SS4037 Module
Reflective Practice And Profesional Development SS3059 Module
Reflective Practice And Professional Development 1 SS2048 Module
Reflective Social Work Practice SS2012 Module
Research Design And Methods For Corporate Social Responsibility SSM222 Module
Research Methods And Social Work Practice SS3006 Module
Research Methods And Study Skills SS1010 Module
Research Methods for Corporate Social Responsibility and Energy SSM214 Module
Research Statistics And Data Analysis SS2013 Module
Risk Analysis SS3024 Module
Risk, Fear and Social Life SS4031 Module
Risk, Responsibility and Accountability SSM207 Module
Security, Conflict and Energy SSM211 Module
Social and Economic Contexts of CSR and Sustainable Development SSM221 Module
Social Construction Of Everyday Life SS2038 Module
Social Policy And Comparative Studies SS4046 Module
Social Policy And Social Work Practice SS2026 Module
Social Psychology SSM106 Module
Social Psychology SS4008 Module
Social Sciences And Society SS1019 Module
Social Work In Criminal Justice SS2028 Module
Social Work In Society SS1008 Module
Social Work Methods SSM101 Module
Social Work Methods SS2004 Module
Social Work Policy, Practice And Methods 1 SS2057 Module
Social Work Policy, Practice And Methods 2 SS3050 Module
Social Work Practice 1 SS2029 Module
Social Work Practice 2 SS3040 Module
Social Work Practice 3 SS4017 Module
Social Work Practice and Research Methods SS3052 Module
Social Work Practice in Mental Health and Disability SS4055 Module
Social Work Values, Roles And Tasks SS1004 Module
Social Work with Children and Families SS3011 Module
Social Work With Older People SS3047 Module
Social Work With Older People SS2006 Module
Social Work With People With Substance Problems/Managing Life Transitions SS2027 Module
Sociology And Psychology For Social Work Practitioners SS2043 Module
Sociology For Social Work Practice SS2047 Module
Sociology Of Consumer Culture SS3043 Module
Sociology Of Identity, Difference And Deviance SS1006 Module
Sport And Exercise Psychology SS3053 Module
Sports Psychology SS3027 Module
Study And Research Skills SS1001 Module
Substance Misuse SSM216 Module
Terrorism In A Global Context SS4028 Module
The Body In Society SS4027 Module
The Contextual Framework For Practice SS1061 Module
The Essentials Of Family Group Conferencing SS3051 Module
The Sociological Problem Of Crime SS2015 Module
Theorising Social Life SS2036 Module
Theory to Practice SS3033 Module
Therapeutic Practice With Children SS4021 Module
Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility SSM219 Module
Understanding Psychology as a Science 1 SSM105 Module
Understanding Psychology As A Science 2 SSM109 Module
Understanding the past, informing the future SS1050 Module
Urban Sociology SS3042 Module
Violence, Crime And Conflict SS3044 Module

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