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Advanced Analytical Techniques AS4040 Module
Advanced Microbiology AS4033 Module
Advanced Nutrition AS4029 Module
Advanced Sciences In Professional Practice PHM406 Module
Advances In Pharmaceutical Sciences PH4019 Module
Aetiology Of Obesity ASM025 Module
Analytical Chemistry AS3040 Module
Analytical Science 1 AS2040 Module
Analytical Science 2 AS2041 Module
Analytical Techniques for Life Sciences AS1802 Module
Anthropology AS2010 Module
Applied Microbiology AS1010 Module
Applied Pharmacology AS3904 Module
Assessment Of Obesity And Body Composition ASM029 Module
Bioanalytical Techniques AS1099 Module
Biochemistry PH2018 Module
Biological Chemistry AS2003 Module
Biology for Life Sciences AS1901 Module
Biomedical Analysis AS2096 Module
Biomedical Genetics AS2099 Module
Biomedical Science : Professional Practice 1 AS1999 Module
Biomedical Science: Professional Practice 2 AS2999 Module
Biomedical Science: Professional Practice 3 AS3999 Module
Biomolecular Pharmacy PH2131 Module
Biomolecular Science AS1026 Module
Biotherapeutics PH4018 Module
Cardiovascular & Respiratory Therapeutics PHM001 Module
Care Planning PHM019 Module
Cell Culture AS1011 Module
Cellular Pathology AS4018 Module
Central Nervous System Therapeutics PHM002 Module
Chemical Concepts AS1030 Module
Chemistry for Life Sciences AS1801 Module
Childhood Obesity Management ASM033 Module
Clinical Biochemistry AS3098 Module
Clinical Education Placement B AS3028 Module
Clinical Education Placement C AS4025 Module
Clinical Immunology AS3901 Module
Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics 1 PH3015 Module
Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics 2 PH4016 Module
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 2 PH4131 Module
Communication Studies AS2049 Module
Contemporary Techniques/Analytical Problem Solving ASM010 Module
Current Biological Trends AS4097 Module
Current Trends in Biomedical Science AS4904 Module
Current Trends in Bioscience AS4906 Module
Current Trends in Healthcare Sciences AS4905 Module
Data Handling Skills In Science AS1009 Module
Developing Non-Medical Prescribing Practice PHM029 Module
Developing Pharmacy Practice PH2132 Module
Developing Professional Studies AS4028 Module
Diagnosis Of Disease AS4092 Module
Diet Therapy And Dietetic Practice AS3021 Module
Dietetics AS3022 Module
Dietetics And Drug Use AS3026 Module
Dna Profiling AS4061 Module
DNA Technologies AS4074 Module
Drug Delivery Systems PH4017 Module
Environmental Toxicology AS3054 Module
Evidence Based Practice & Clinical Governance PHM016 Module
Experimental Molecular Biology AS2904 Module
Experimental Molecular Biology AS3019 Module
Extended Elective Studies (Dna Analysis, Proteomics & Metabolomics) ASM013 Module
Extended Elective Studies (Drug Analysis And Toxicology) ASM015 Module
Extended Elective Studies (Environmental Analysis) ASM012 Module
Extended Elective Studies (Oilfield Chemicals) ASM011 Module
Fire, Explosives And Firearms AS3065 Module
Food Analysis AS3034 Module
Food Commodities And Production Management AS1027 Module
Food Product Development AS3031 Module
Food Studies AS1022 Module
Forensic Analysis AS2063 Module
Forensic Biology AS2011 Module
Forensic Genetics AS3017 Module
Forensic Imaging And Questioned Documents AS2062 Module
Forensic Toxicology And Substances Of Abuse AS3066 Module
Foundations For Nutritional Science AS1021 Module
Foundations in Pharmacy Practice PH1132 Module
Fundamental Laboratory Techniques AS1003 Module
Gastrointestinal, Endocrine & Musculoskeletal Therapeutics PHM003 Module
General Pharmaceutical Care Provision PHM131 Module
Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology AS4021 Module
Genomics & Proteomics AS4020 Module
Global and Social Nutrition AS1024 Module
Haematology AS4010 Module
Haematology and Transfusion Science AS4901 Module
Health Promotion AS3032 Module
Health Promotion And Public Health Nutrition AS4026 Module
Health Services Research Methods PHM010 Module
Health Services Research Project PHM011 Module
Honours Research Project AS4099 Module
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 AS2901 Module
Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 AS2902 Module
Human Biochemistry AS2098 Module
Human Cytology & Histology AS3014 Module
Immunology AS3011 Module
Industrial Placement AS4091 Module
Inorganic Chemistry AS2031 Module
Integrated Pharmacy Practice PH3132 Module
Integrated Physiology PH2021 Module
Interpretation. Evaluation And Presentation Of Evidence AS4073 Module
Introduction To Forensic Science AS1006 Module
Introduction To Medicinal Chemistry PH1015 Module
Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry PH1133 Module
Introduction To Pharmacy PH1010 Module
Introductory Science AS1002 Module
Laboratory Work ASM004 Module
Legislation And Professional Studies PHM405 Module
Life Cycle Nutrition AS2027 Module
Macronutrients AS1023 Module
Macronutrients And Social Nutrition AS1028 Module
Management Of Obesity In Primary Care ASM028 Module
Medical Biochemistry AS3001 Module
Medical Microbiology AS3016 Module
Medicinal Analysis and Aseptic Control PH3131 Module
Medicine Design And Manufacture PH2022 Module
Medicine Design And Manufacture PH2133 Module
Medicines Management: Collaborative Working in Primary Care PHM026 Module
Medicines, Prescribers And People PHM018 Module
Medicines, Prescribers And People PHM012 Module
Metabolism AS2029 Module
Microbiology AS2020 Module
Micronutrients AS2023 Module
Minor Illness And Health Improvement PH3014 Module
Molecular Biology And Human Genetics AS3018 Module
Molecular Biology and Human Genetics AS2906 Module
Molecular Biology And Modern Technologies AS2014 Module
Molecular Genetics AS2907 Module
Molecular Genetics AS3013 Module
Molecular Pharmacy PH2015 Module
Msc Project ASM023 Module
Nutrition - Stage 3 Profile AS3 Module
Nutrition And Food Science AS3023 Module
Nutritional Epidemiology AS3024 Module
Nutritional Literature Study AS3025 Module
Nutritional Physiology AS2050 Module
Nutritional Research Methods AS2028 Module
Nutritional Science for Sport AS3036 Module
Obesity Epidemiology And Public Health ASM026 Module
Oilfield Chemicals AS4052 Module
One Year Sandwich Placement AS3099 Module
Organic Chemistry AS2032 Module
Ospap Dissertation PHM407 Module
Pharmaceutical Analysis PH3017 Module
Pharmaceutical Biology PH1012 Module
Pharmaceutical Care PHM402 Module
Pharmaceutical Care Planning PHM005 Module
Pharmaceutical Care Planning PHM031 Module
Pharmaceutical Chemistry PH1135 Module
Pharmaceutical Microbiology PH2019 Module
Pharmaceutical Microbiology PH2134 Module
Pharmaceutical Service Development PHM401 Module
Pharmacist Independent Prescribing PHM028 Module
Pharmacy Law And Practice PH2020 Module
Physical & Inorganic Chemistry AS2002 Module
Physical Chemistry AS2030 Module
Physical Pharmacy PH1013 Module
Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy PH1134 Module
Physiology And Molecular Mechanisms Of Obesity Associated Diseases ASM027 Module
Placement Practice B AS3029 Module
Practical Research Methods AS3902 Module
Practical Skills for Life Sciences AS1903 Module
Practical Work I AS2006 Module
Prescribing & Public Health PHM015 Module
Prescribing Science PHM404 Module
Principles of Pharmacology AS2910 Module
Professional Skills AS1004 Module
Professional Skills & Techniques ASM001 Module
Professional Studies And Management AS3027 Module
Project PHM403 Module
Project AS4049 Module
Project Introduction PH4132 Module
Project Preparation ASM022 Module
Public Health AS3033 Module
Public Health Aspects Of Clinical Pharmacy PHM006 Module
Public Health for Pharmacists PHM133 Module
Recovery Of Evidence And Forensic Examination AS1060 Module
Research Methods PH4014 Module
Research Methods And Data Analysis ASM030 Module
Research Project ASM036 Module
Research Project AS4027 Module
Separation, Electroanalysis And Microscopy ASM003 Module
Social Pharmacy And Public Health PH3013 Module
Sociology And Psychology AS2024 Module
Specialised Pharmaceutical Care Needs PHM007 Module
Specialised Pharmaceutical Care Provision PHM008 Module
Spectroscopy AS3070 Module
Spectroscopy ASM002 Module
Sterile Products PH3016 Module
Therapeutic Delivery PH4130 Module
Therapeutics PHM032 Module
Therapeutics Of Infections, Oncology & Haematological & Biochemical Disorders PHM004 Module
Trace Evidence Analysis AS3067 Module
Transfusion Science AS4017 Module
Weight Management ASM034 Module

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