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Addiction and Substance Misuse in a Range of Contexts NUM066 Module
Advanced Clinical Examination Skills NU4770 Module
Advanced Concepts Of Improving Health And Wellbeing NUM060 Module
Advanced Contemporary District Nursing NUM061 Module
Advanced Contemporary Health Visiting NUM076 Module
Advanced Contemporary School Nursing NUM077 Module
Advanced Professional Practice NU4771 Module
Advancing Ent Nursing Practice NU3794 Module
Advancing Public Health Practice NU4903 Module
Application Of Learning, Teaching and Assessment NUM068 Module
Application Of Theory To Midwifery Practice NU3441 Module
Applied Nursing (Adult Branch) NU2908 Module
Applied Nursing (Children'S Branch) NU2910 Module
Applied Nursing (Mental Health Branch) NU2909 Module
Attendance Management NU4808 Module
Autonomous Professional Practice NU3782 Module
Chemotherapy NU4700 Module
Chemotherapy Course (On-Line) NU3703A Module
Chemotherapy Work Based Learning - Stage B NU3760 Module
Child Protection in Practice NUM085 Module
Childhood Obesity Management NU3925 Module
Children And Young People’S Health And Wellbeing And Development: Concepts And Themes NU2954 Module
Clinical and Therapeutic Skills Development and Practice NU2556 Module
Clinical Assessment, Judgement And Decision Making In Remote Environments NU3821 Module
Clinical Examination Skills And History Taking NUM021 Module
Clinical History Taking And Examination Skills For Advanced Practice NUM063 Module
Clinical Leadership NUM033 Module
Clinical Practice Project NU4003 Module
Clinical Skills Development And Practice Learning NU1444 Module
Community Health NU4773 Module
Complex Therapeutic Interventions in Adult Nursing NU3885 Module
Complex Therapeutic Interventions in Children and Young People's Nursing NU3887 Module
Complex Therapeutic Interventions in Mental Health Nursing NU3886 Module
Consolidating Midwifery Practice for Registration NU3204 Module
Contemporary Dimensions Of Nursing NU1909 Module
Contemporary Family Health and Wellbeing NUM073 Module
Contemporary Health Care in the Community NU4558 Module
Contemporary Health Care Needs in the Community NU4792 Module
Contemporary Issues In Maternity Care NU3803 Module
Contemporary Pain Management in Practice NUM071 Module
Contemporary Practice For Community Health NU4775 Module
Contemporary Public Health Practice NU4801 Module
Contemporary Unscheduled Healthcare NU4563 Module
Critical Care Nursing Practice NU3772 Module
Critical Perspectives In Adult Nursing NU3909 Module
Critical Perspectives In Children And Young People'S Nursing NU3911 Module
Critical Perspectives In Mental Health Nursing NU3919 Module
Cultural Competence and Global Health Challenges NU1445 Module
Delivering Quality Nursing Care NU2560 Module
Developing Proficiency In Practice (Adult Nursing) NU3913 Module
Developing Proficiency In Practice (Children And Young People'S Nursing) NU3917 Module
Developing Proficiency In Practice (Mental Health Nursing) NU3918 Module
Development Of Occupational Health Nursing Practice NU3431 Module
Diabetes Management within Health and Social Care NUM084 Module
Dissertation NU4901 Module
Early Years: Theory NU2951 Module
Effective Midwifery Care - Consolidating Knowledge NU3203 Module
Effective Midwifery Care - Developing Understandings NU2203 Module
Effective Midwifery Care - Establishing Foundations NU1203 Module
Emergencies in Hazardous Environments NU2994 Module
Enhanced Skills For The Nursing Role NU4640 Module
Essential Clinical Skills For Professional Practice NU3891 Module
Essential Concepts in Adult Nursing NU1446 Module
Essential concepts in children and young people nursing NU1448 Module
Essential Concepts in Mental Health Nursing NU1447 Module
Essential Skills for Initial Nursing Practice NU1450 Module
Essential Skills for Intermediate Nursing Practice NU2561 Module
Essentials For Adult Nursing NU2920 Module
Essentials For Children And Young People'S Nursing NU2922 Module
Essentials For Initial Nursing Practice NU1908 Module
Essentials For Mental Health Nursing NU2921 Module
Establishing Confident Midwifery Practice NU2204 Module
Evaluating research and evidence to advance practice NUM080 Module
Evidence Based Clinical Practice NU4002 Module
Evidence Informed Decision Making For Community Health Practice NU4774 Module
Evidence Informed Decision Making For Public Health NU3926 Module
Evidence Informed Practice NUM017 Module
Family Centred Public Health And Child Protection NU4790 Module
Family Focused Public Health NU4802 Module
Fitness For Work NU3799 Module
Foundation In Critical Care Nursing (1) NU3770 Module
Foundation In Critical Care Nursing (2) NU3771 Module
Foundations of Cardiac Nursing NU3776 Module
Foundations Of Pregnancy, Childbirth And Parenthood NU1689 Module
Fundamentals Of Children And Young People'S Health, Wellbeing And Development NU1950 Module
Fundamentals Of Children And Young People'S Health, Wellbeing And Development: Practice NU1951 Module
Fundamentals Of Supporting Children/Young People And Their Families: Practice NU1954 Module
Fundamentals Of Supporting Children/Young People And Their Families: Theory NU1953 Module
Graduate Access To Pre-Registration Nursing NU1910 Module
Health as a Human Right: Global Challenges NU3610 Module
Health Care in the Digital Age: Benefits, Challenges and the Future NU3614 Module
Health Improvement In Nursing/Midwifery NU1905 Module
Health in Primary Care NU3881 Module
Health Surveillance NU3942 Module
Healthcare Improvement and Research in Nursing NU3660 Module
Healthcare Improvement in Nursing NU3661 Module
Human Factors and Decision Making in Hazardous Environments NU1998 Module
Human Sciences In Nursing/Midwifery NU1903 Module
Human Sciences In The Context Of Adult Nursing NU2913 Module
Immediate care of actue medical and surgical emergencies NU3789 Module
Improving Health and Well-being NU2550 Module
information Literacy and Effectiveness NU1441 Module
Initial Nursing Practice NU1656 Module
Initial Practice in Nursing NU1451 Module
Integrated Health and Social Care NU4551 Module
Intermediate Nursing Practice Adult Nursing Branch NU2662 Module
Intermediate Nursing Practice Children'S Nursing Branch NU2670 Module
Intermediate Nursing Practice Mental Health Nursing Branch NU2666 Module
Intermediate Practice in Nursing NU2562 Module
International Health Care NU3912 Module
Interventional Radiology Nursing NU3795 Module
Introduction To Midwifery Practice NU1690 Module
Introduction To Midwifery Practice NU1204 Module
Introduction To Pregnancy, Childbirth And Parenthood NU1688 Module
Key Concepts in Public Health NU4880 Module
Knowledge And Reasoning In Nursing NU2901 Module
Leadership in Health NU4810 Module
Leadership in Public Health NU4805 Module
Leading And Advancing Midwifery Practice NUM022 Module
Leading And Advancing Nursing Practice NUM024 Module
Leading and Advancing Practice NUM082 Module
Leading and Advancing Specialist Community Health Practice NUM078 Module
Leading And Advancing Specialist Practice In District Nursing NUM065 Module
Leading And Managing Quality Care NU3889 Module
Leading, Managing and Researching Quality Care NU3890 Module
Learning for Professional, Person-Centred Care NU1442 Module
Long Term Conditions Management (1) NU3813 Module
Management And Leadership In Practice NU4633 Module
Managing Care & Resources Children'S Nursing Branch NU3676 Module
Managing Care & Resources Mental Health Nursing Branch NU3674 Module
Managing Long Term Conditions NUM039 Module
Managing Risk in the Workplace NU4807 Module
Managing Self and Others to Deliver Professional, Person-Centred Care NU3662 Module
Maternity Care Assistant Practice Education 2 NU1706 Module
Maternity Care Assistants Meeting The Needs Of Women And Their Families NU1704 Module
Midwifery for Health - Consolidating Knowledge NU3201 Module
Midwifery For Health - Developing Understandings NU2201 Module
Midwifery For Health - Establishing Foundations NU1201 Module
Midwives Facilitating Learning NU3801 Module
Minor Illness Management NUM072 Module
Minor Illness Theory NU3753 Module
Minor Injuries Management NUM086 Module
Minor Injury - THEORY NU3731 Module
Minor Injury Management NU3931 Module
MSc Advanced Nursing Practice NUS083 Module
Non-Medical Prescribing 1 NU3748 Module
Non-Medical Prescribing 2 NUM015 Module
Nursing And Health Policy NU3905 Module
Nursing Non Credit Bearing Mentoring Programme NUS038 Module
Occupational Health Nursing Practice NU3430 Module
Pain Management NU3741 Module
Palliative Care NU3700 Module
Palliative Care in the Community NU4798 Module
Paramedic Patient Assessment and Interventions NU2991 Module
Pathophysiology For Advanced Clinical Practice NUM028 Module
Pathophysiology, Investigations and Immediate Management for Advanced Practice NUM064 Module
Personal Experience Applied To Professional Practice NU3908 Module
Pharmacology and Medication for Effective Practice NU3719 Module
Practice Based Learning For Community Health NU4776 Module
Practice Based Learning for Public Health NU4806 Module
Practice Based Project NUM019 Module
Practice Development Project NU4789 Module
Practice Led Development NUM018 Module
Preparation of Supervisors of Midwives NUM032 Module
Principles For Public Health Nursing Practice NU4791 Module
Principles of Occupational health NU3940 Module
Professional Knowledge For Nurse Led Practice NUM023 Module
Professional Nursing Practice For International Students NU3923 Module
Proficient Practice (Adult Nursing) NU3920 Module
Proficient Practice (Children And Young People'S Nursing) NU3922 Module
Proficient Practice (Mental Health Nursing) NU3921 Module
Progression To Professional Practice In Adult Nursing NU3914 Module
Progression To Professional Practice In Children And Young People'S Nursing NU3916 Module
Progression To Professional Practice In Mental Health Nursing NU3915 Module
Public Health in Paramedic Practice NU2990 Module
Quality Improvement NU3421 Module
Quality Nursing Care NU1449 Module
Remote Healthcare NU3828 Module
Renal Nursing - Theory NU3745 Module
Research And Evidence Based Practice NU2660 Module
Research And Evidence Based Practice In Midwifery NU3802 Module
Research And Evidence To Inform Practice NUM029 Module
Research Informed Practice NU3904 Module
Return to Midwifery Practice NU3205 Module
Return To Nursing Practice NU3930 Module
Return to Nursing Practice 2015 NUS089 Module
Safeguarding: Protecting Children, Vulnerable Individuals and Groups NUM075 Module
Science for Advancing Adult Nursing NU3882 Module
Science for Advancing Mental Health Nursing NU3883 Module
Sciences For Advancing Children And Young People's Nursing NU3884 Module
Sciences for Holistic Adult Nursing Practice NU2553 Module
Sciences for Holistic Children and Young People's Nursing Practice NU2555 Module
Sciences for Holistic Mental Health Nursing Practice NU2554 Module
Sciences For Holistic Nursing Practice NU1443 Module
Solutions Focused Brief Therapy NU3784 Module
Specialist Community Public Health Practice NUM074 Module
Specialist Practice in District Nursing NUM062 Module
Stage 3 – Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Nursing (HONS) Practice Area Module NUS099 Module
Supporting Children/Young People And Their Families: Practice NU2953 Module
Supporting Professional Development NUM031 Module
Supporting The Child With Additional Needs NU2955 Module
The Arts And Humanities In Health And Social Care Contexts NU3924 Module
The Health Imperative : Key Concepts NU1440 Module
The Midwife within Society - Consolidating Knowledge NU3202 Module
The Midwife Within Society - Developing Understandings NU2202 Module
The Midwife Within Society - Establishing Foundations NU1202 Module
Therapeutic Interventions in Adult Nursing NU2557 Module
Therapeutic Interventions in Children and Young People Nursing NU2559 Module
Therapeutic Interventions in Mental Health Nursing NU2558 Module
Transition To Professional Practice (Adult Branch) NU3901 Module
Transition To Professional Practice (Mental Health Branch) NU3902 Module
Understanding Self As A Developing Professional NU1907 Module
Understanding Self In Relation To Others In Professional Practice NU2919 Module
Unplanned Care NU3796 Module
Unplanned Care of Acutely Unwell Children and Young People NUM070 Module
Unscheduled care and management of acute emergencies NU4552 Module
Vulnerability and Child Protection NU4804 Module
Wellness and Work NU4809 Module
Work And Health NU3797 Module
Work Based Learning NUM037 Module
Work based learning NU3811 Module
Work Based Learning NU4794 Module
Work Based Learning for Advancing Practice NUM081 Module
Working with Diversity and Vulnerability Across the Age Span NU3611 Module
Working With People With Dementia NU3758 Module
Working With Vulnerable Clients NU3777 Module
Workplace health promotion NU3943 Module
Workplace Risk Management NU3941 Module
Workplace Risk Management NU3798 Module
Wound Care NU3708 Module

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