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3-D Biomechanical Modelling HSM085 Module
Acute Care HS2125 Module
Acute Care HS3070 Module
Advanced Practice In Radiography HS4002 Module
Advancing Professional Practice in Radiography HS4113 Module
Analysis of Human Movement and Skill Aquisition HS3103 Module
Analysis Of Movement/Biomechanics HS2033 Module
Anatomy and Assessment HS1118 Module
Anatomy and Pathophysiology for Clinical Hypnotherapy HS3112 Module
Applied Biomechanical Principles HSM083 Module
Applied Physiology And Introduction To Pathology HS1117 Module
Applied Radiographic Anatomy HS1058 Module
Applied Radiographic Pathology 1 HS1196 Module
Applied Radiographic Pathology 2 HS2116 Module
Applied Sports Nutrition HSM051 Module
Barium Enema Reporting HSM028 Module
Biomechanics Instrumentation & Measurement HSM084 Module
Body Composition And Anthropmetry HS3046 Module
Capstone Project HSM127 Module
Clinical Education Ca1 HS4021 Module
Clinical Education Ca2 HS4022 Module
Clinical Education Ca3 HS4023 Module
Clinical Education Ca4 HS4024 Module
Clinical Education Ca5 HS4025 Module
Clinical Education Ca6E HS4026 Module
Clinical Gait & Movement Analysis HSM086 Module
Coaching Science HS3102 Module
Complex Patient Pathways HS3072 Module
Computed Tomography HS3051 Module
Contemporary Issues In Occupational Therapy Theory And Practice HS4065 Module
Contemporary Perspective of Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice HS4119 Module
Contexts of Health and Social Care HSM124 Module
Contextualising Personal And Professional Development HS2121 Module
Creative Futures in Health and Social Care HSM125 Module
Creative Planning in Health and Social Care HSM126 Module
Critical Thinking In Occupational Therapy Practice HS3061 Module
Culture, Occupations And Health HS3064 Module
Diagnostic Image Reporting Of The Axial Musculo-skeletal System HSM134 Module
Diagnostic Imaging Systems HS2057 Module
Diagnostic Imaging Systems HS2117 Module
Effective Practice in Diagnostic Imaging HS2113 Module
Enhancement Of Performance HS4030 Module
Enhancing Holistic Practice using best evidence NU3663 Module
Evidence Based Practice SS4040 Module
Evidence Based Practice In Clinical Hypnotherapy HSM144 Module
Evidenced-based Public Health HSM138 Module
Exercise And Conditioning HS2046 Module
Exercise And Health HSM151 Module
Exercise Consultation, Prescription & Programming HS3047 Module
Exercise Physiology HS1116 Module
Exercise Physiology HS2030 Module
Exercise Physiology HS1103 Module
Foundations of Physiotherapy Practice HSM150 Module
Foundations of Radiographic Anatomy HS1121 Module
Foundations of Radiographic Practice HS1197 Module
Functional Anatomy HS1170 Module
Fundamental Principles of Anatomy and Physiology HSM081 Module
Fundamental Principles of Mechanics HSM082 Module
Fundamentals Of Physiotherapy HS1171 Module
Global Health HSM137 Module
Health Conditions And Occupational Performance Through The Life Span HS2061 Module
Health Improvement HS2101 Module
Health Improvement HS1172 Module
Health Improvement HS2031 Module
Health Improvement And Health Promotion: Principles And Concepts HSM037 Module
Health Inequalities and the Social Context of Health HSM136 Module
Health Psychology and the Principles of Behaviour Change HSM139 Module
Hippotherapy Practice HSM143 Module
Human Health And Occupation 1 HS1080 Module
Human Health And Occupation 2 HS1081 Module
Imaging Science 1 HS1056 Module
Imaging Science 2 HS2056 Module
Improving Health : Developing Effective Practice in Health Promotion HS3043 Module
Inequalities HSM158 Module
Interventional Imaging HS3053 Module
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology HS1079 Module
Leadership and Enterprise : Essential skills for Practice HS3111 Module
Leading Change and Partnerships HSM141 Module
Leading Partnerships In Health HS4071 Module
Learning in the Workplace I HS2103 Module
Measurement Of Human Performance HSM005 Module
Mind, Body And Society HS2040 Module
Minor Injuries Assessment HSM062 Module
Minor Injuries Discharge HSM063 Module
Motor Control And Learning HS4040 Module
Musculoskeletal Assessment And Treatment 1 HS1047 Module
Nutrition And The Life Cycle HS2035 Module
Occupational Performance through the Lifespan HS2124 Module
Occupational Performance, Engagement And Well-being HS2122 Module
Occupational Perspective of Population Health HS3114 Module
Occupational Therapy : Integrating a Public Health Approach HS4120 Module
Occupational Therapy : Practice Placement 1 HS1021 Module
Occupational Therapy : Practice Placement 2 HS2015 Module
Occupational Therapy Practice Placement 4 HS4009 Module
Occupational Therapy Practice Placement 5 (Elective/Non-Traditional Placement) HS4014 Module
Occupational Therapy: Children, Families And Learning Disabilities HS3049 Module
Occupational Well-Being And Inclusion Through Design HS3063 Module
Partnership Working HS4067 Module
Partnership Working For Health HSM040 Module
Partnerships In The Professional Working Environment HS4116 Module
Pathology in Practice HS1119 Module
Patient Pathways 1 HS3073 Module
Patient Pathways 2 HS3074 Module
Personal And Professional Context 1 HS2099 Module
Personal And Professional Context 2 HS4066 Module
Personal, Professional And Academic Development HS2097 Module
Personal, Professional And Academic Development For Physiotherapists HS2074 Module
Physical & Psycho-Social Factors Affecting Activity HS2032 Module
Physical Activity And Exercise Prescription HS3071 Module
Physiotherapy : Clinical Education Ca2 HS2014 Module
Physiotherapy : Clinical Education Ca3 HS2017 Module
Physiotherapy : Clinical Education Ca4 HS3006 Module
Physiotherapy : Clinical Education Ca5E HS3012 Module
Physiotherapy : Clinical Education Ca6 HS4008 Module
Physiotherapy : Clinical Education Ca7 HS4013 Module
Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation HS2071 Module
Physiotherapy Practice 1 HSM152 Module
Physiotherapy Practice 2 HSM153 Module
Physiotherapy Through The Life Cycle HS2070 Module
Physiotherapy: Clinical Education Ca1 HS1020 Module
Placement HS3031 Module
Planning And Managing Health Improvement Programmes HSM042 Module
Population Health and Wellbeing HSM140 Module
Practice Context And Leadership SS4043 Module
Practice Development HS4070 Module
Practice Education For Placements HS4034 Module
Practice Evaluation & Development HSM007 Module
Practice Placement 3 HS3007 Module
Preparation For Practice HS1017 Module
Principles and Concepts : Health Promotion and Public Health HSM135 Module
Principles Of Health Improvement And Exercise Prescription HSM071 Module
Principles of Person Centred Care HS2114 Module
Promoting an Occupational Perspective of Health within Occupational Therapy Theory and Practice HSM161 Module
Promoting Health in Practice HSM077 Module
Radiation Science HS1067 Module
Radiographic Clinical Practice 1 HS1098 Module
Radiographic Clinical Practice 2 HS1099 Module
Radiographic Reporting HS4037 Module
Radiographic Reporting 1 HS4111 Module
Radiographic Reporting 2 HS4112 Module
Radiographic Technique 1 HS1065 Module
Radiographic Technique 2 HS2065 Module
Radiography Practice Education 1 HS1059 Module
Radiography Practice Education 1 HS1089 Module
Radiography Practice Education 2 HS2059 Module
Radiography Practice Education 3 HS3089 Module
Radiography Practice Education 3 HS3059 Module
Radiography Practice Education 4 HS3090 Module
Radiography Practice Education 4 HS3060 Module
Radiography Practice Education 5 HS4089 Module
Radiography Practice Education 5 HS4059 Module
Radiography Practice Education 6 HS4060 Module
Radiography Practice Education 6 HS4090 Module
Radiology Interdisciplinary Practice HS4058 Module
Research Concepts In Sport And Exercise Science HS3105 Module
Research Methods HSM043 Module
Research Methods HS3014 Module
Research Methods HSM012 Module
Research Project HSM045 Module
Research Project HS4033 Module
Research Project HSM008 Module
Skeletal Imaging Systems HS1057 Module
Social And Cultural Influences On Occupational Performance HS2062 Module
Social Policy: Impact On Health HSM038 Module
Specialist Imaging Modalities HS3052 Module
Sport & Exercise Injury Management & Rehabilitation HS4032 Module
Sport And Exercise Psychology HS1101 Module
Sport and Exercise Psychology 1 HS1113 Module
Sport and Exercise Psychology 2 HS2120 Module
Sports Biomechanics HSM087 Module
Sports Biomechanics HS1102 Module
Sports Facility Operations And Programmes HS4038 Module
Sports Nutrition HS4109 Module
Sports Nutrition HS3042 Module
Structure And Function Of The Human Body HS1042 Module
Supporting And Facilitating The Learning Of Others SS4041 Module
The Assessment Of Learner Practice And The Evaluation Of Learning Contexts SS4042 Module
The Context Of Practice HSM006 Module
The Principles Of Behaviour Change HSM039 Module
The Professional Working Environment HS4036 Module
The Research Project HS4010 Module
Transition to Professional Practice HS4117 Module
Trauma Radiography HS2115 Module
Working With Communities HSM041 Module

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