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Advanced Certificate In Hyperbarics And Diving Technology EN1900 Module
Advanced Completion And Subsea Systems ENM206 Module
Advanced Computer Architecture EN4541 Module
Advanced Data Networks EN4530 Module
Advanced Digital System Design EN4542 Module
Advanced Electronics EN4512 Module
Advanced Signal Processing & System Analysis EN5502 Module
Advanced Solar Technology ENM293 Module
Advanced Well Engineering ENM212 Module
Analogue And Digital Communications EN3521 Module
Artificial Intelligence ENM165 Module
Bomaterials EN4607 Module
Bridging Wdlp (Round 2) ENM258 Module
Business Essentials ENM203 Module
Casing Design ENM252 Module
Cisco Ccna 1-2 ENM613 Module
Cisco Ccna Stage 1 EN1532 Module
Cisco Ccna Stage 2 EN2533 Module
Cisco Ccna Stage 3 EN3532 Module
Cisco Ccna Stage 4 EN4534 Module
Civil Engineering Measurement SU4070 Module
Computer Architecture EN3540 Module
Control And Instrumentation EN4501 Module
Control And Signal Processing EN4502 Module
Control And Telemetry Systems ENM220 Module
Corrosion Management ENM309 Module
Data Networks EN3531 Module
Data Networks ENM166 Module
Delivery of Maintenance and Inspection for Asset Integrity Management ENM311 Module
Design Exercise EN2601 Module
Determination of Maintenance and Inspection Requirements for Asset Integrity Management ENM310 Module
Distance Learning Package (Credit Transfer) ENM003 Module
Drilling Operations Management ENM211 Module
Drilling Technology ENM210 Module
Drilling Well Control ENM251 Module
Dynamics EN2500 Module
Electrical and Electronic Design Principles - EN1103 EN1103 Module
Electrical Machines And Drives 1 EN3560 Module
Electrical Machines And Drives 2 EN4560 Module
Electrical Power EN2560 Module
Electrical Power And Energy Systems EN3561 Module
Electrical Systems EN2562 Module
Electronics 2 EN2510 Module
Electronics 3 EN3512 Module
Energy and Sustainability: The Interdisciplinary Roots CSM008 Module
Energy Centre Postgraduate Support Module ENS000 Module
Energy Conversion And Storage EN3570 Module
Energy Policy, Management And Conservation EN4570 Module
Engineering Analysis 1 EN3501 Module
Engineering Analysis 2 EN4500 Module
Engineering Analysis 3 EN5500 Module
Engineering Project Management ENM230 Module
Enterprise Network Design EN4535 Module
Environmental Engineering 1 EN3590 Module
Environmental Impact And Risk Management ENM231 Module
Facilities ENM202 Module
Failure Analysis EN4701 Module
Fundamentals of Engineering Practice EN1100 Module
Group Project (Engineering Stage 3) EN3600 Module
Health, Safety, Environment And Risk Assessment ENM302 Module
Heat Transfer And Fluid Mechanics EN1702 Module
Honours Project (Engineering) EN4600 Module
Individual Engineering Research Investigation ENM214 Module
Industrial Plant EN3700 Module
Integrative Engineering Project EN3602 Module
Integrity and Reliability Management ENM308 Module
Introduction To Computer Engineering EN1540 Module
Introduction To Data Networks EN2521 Module
Introduction To Design, Materials And Manufacture EN1701 Module
Introduction To Electrical Engineering EN1560 Module
Introduction To Electronics EN1510 Module
Introduction to Industrial Control - EN1104 EN1104 Module
Introduction To Networks EN1530 Module
Introduction To Safety And Risk Management EN4802 Module
Introduction to Solar Energy Systems ENM291 Module
Introduction To Telecommunications EN2520 Module
Manufacture and Material 1 EN1102 Module
Materials And Corrosion Science ENM233 Module
Mathematics 1A EN1911 Module
Mathematics 1B EN1912 Module
Mathematics 2 EN2901 Module
Mathematics 3 EN3900 Module
Mechanical Engineering Design 1 EN2703 Module
Mechanical Engineering Design 2 EN2700 Module
Mechanics Of Solids EN2701 Module
Meng Individual Project EN4604 Module
Microprocessors And Microcontrollers EN2540 Module
Mobile And Satellite Communications EN4520 Module
MSc Energy and Sustainability PRE289 Module
Msc Project ENM169 Module
Multimedia Coding ENM172 Module
Network Design EN3533 Module
Network Management EN3530 Module
Oceans and Operability ENM242 Module
Offshore Engineering EN3581 Module
Offshore Foundations And Structures CSM006 Module
Oil And Gas Engineering A EN4580 Module
Oil And Gas Engineering B EN4581 Module
Optical And Radio Communications EN4521 Module
Petroleum Economics And Asset Management ENM207 Module
Petroleum Geoscience ENM500 Module
Plant Performance EN4700 Module
Post-Project Industrial Placement EN5600 Module
Power Systems Analysis And Protection EN4561 Module
Principles Of Management EN3801 Module
Problem Solving ENM300 Module
Processing And Pipelines ENM232 Module
Product Development EN1601 Module
Production Operations ENM205 Module
Production System Modelling ENM204 Module
Professional Skills EN1600 Module
Project For Master Of Science ENM001 Module
Project Management ENM168 Module
Project Management, Team-Working And Leadership EN3800 Module
Quality Management For Engineers ENM612 Module
Renewable Energy Systems EN4571 Module
Risers and Riser Hydrodynamics ENM218 Module
Safety And Reliability Management ENM615 Module
Safety, Risk And Reliability Management EN4801 Module
Science Of Management EN4800 Module
Signal Acquisition, Instrumentation And Control EN3500 Module
Solar Energy ENM290 Module
Statics And Dynamics EN1700 Module
Subsea Control Systems ENM240 Module
Subsea Pipeline & Riser Design ENM229 Module
Subsea Reliability And Intervention ENM217 Module
Subsea Systems ENM227 Module
Subsea Systems Reliability and Risks ENM239 Module
Subsurface ENM200 Module
System Control, Monitoring And Maintenance ENM285 Module
Systems Engineering EN4702 Module
Technical Mathematics EN2900 Module
The Oceans, Operability And Humans In The Ocean ENM215 Module
Thermofluids EN2702 Module
Unix Management EN4532 Module
Well Engineering ENM250 Module
Well Plugging and Abandonment ENM462 Module
Wells ENM201 Module
Wells Project Management ENM253 Module
Wireless Lans EN4533 Module
Work Placement (Stage 3) EN3601 Module
Work Placement (Stage 4) EN4602 Module

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