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Name Code Type
Access Applied Number Skills CE0002 Module
Access Introduction To Information Technology CE0006 Module
Access Maths CE0007 Module
Access Writing And Information Skills CE0010 Module
Advanced Academic English Language Skills DE1001 Module
Advanced Academic English Language Skills CE1001 Module
Advanced Writing And Information Skills CE3001 Module
Approaches to Teaching in Higher Education DEM021 Module
Assessment Methods CLM003 Module
Associate Student Zone CES024 Module
Becoming a Senior Fellow DEL079 Module
Diploma Project (Contextual Issues) CLM015 Module
Diploma Project (Curriculum Development) CLM014 Module
Diploma Project (General) CLM016 Module
Diploma Project (Use Of C & It) CLM013 Module
Evidence Based Enquiry And Reflective Practice DEM002 Module
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy - Experiential Route DEL094 Module
Fellowship of Teaching Practice DEM023 Module
Intermediate Academic English Language Skills DE0102 Module
Introduction To Academic English Language Skills DE0101 Module
Masters Research-Based Project/Dissertation/Thesis CLM017 Module
Observed Teaching And Reflective Practice CLM004 Module
Open Educational Resources DEL053 Module
OpenPAD DEL074 Module
Overview of Teaching and Learning DEL096 Module
Practice Education And Reflection CLM005 Module
Principles Of Teaching, Learning & Assessment CLM001 Module
Scholarship of Teaching Practice DEM024 Module
Study Skills Summer School CES023 Module
Supporting Learning in Higher Education DEM022 Module
Teaching And Learning Methods CLM002 Module
Teaching, Learning And Assessment In Context DEM001 Module

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