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2D Animation CM2012 Module
3D Computer Graphics Development CM3068 Module
3D Computer Graphics Development CM3115 Module
3D Graphics Open Gl Using C++ CM3030 Module
Adaptive Intelligent Systems CMM508 Module
Advanced Image Processing And Analysis CM4011 Module
Advanced Multimedia Development CM4017 Module
Audio And Video Production CM4020 Module
BSc (Hons) IT Management for Business GA02 Module
BSc (Hons) Software Development for Business GA03 Module
Business Intelligence CM4019 Module
Business Systems Modelling And Development CM2005 Module
Cisco Ccna 3-4 ENM614 Module
Collaborative And Professional Skills In Computing CM1013 Module
Component Based Software Development CM3012 Module
Computer Networks CM2011 Module
Computer Security CMM527 Module
Computer Systems CMM002 Module
Computing Information Systems CM1016 Module
Concurrent Programming CM3033 Module
Data Management CMM532 Module
Data Management CMM022 Module
Data Mining CMM510 Module
Data Science Development CMM535 Module
Data Visualisation and Analysis CMM020 Module
Data Warehousing CMM531 Module
Database and Web Security CMM523 Module
Database Security CMM526 Module
Database Systems CM3017 Module
Databases CMM501 Module
Design and Development Techniques for Animation CM2026 Module
Design Principles And Context CM3034 Module
Developing Enterprise Systems CM4016 Module
Digital Compositing Techniques CM4028 Module
Digital Graphics Techniques CM1018 Module
Digital Media Project CM3059 Module
Distributed Systems CMM502 Module
Electronic Commerce CMM503 Module
Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship CM4029 Module
Enterprise Systems Development CMM103 Module
Entrepreneurialism In The Digital Economy CM4024 Module
Game Development On The Iphone CM4021 Module
Graduate Apprenticeship Courses in the School of Computing Science and Digital Media PRE320 Module
Graphics Development CM3116 Module
Honours Individual Project CM4018 Module
Human Computer Interaction CM4008 Module
Industrial Placement CMM514 Module
Information Security Management CMM517 Module
Information Strategy Planning CM4002 Module
Information Systems for Business CM1701 Module
Integrative Honours Project CM4004 Module
Intelligent Web Technologies CM4007 Module
Intelligent Web Technologies CMM537 Module
Interactive 2D Graphics CM3063 Module
Interactive 3D Animation CM4014 Module
Interactive 3D Graphics CM4044 Module
Interactive Multimedia CM3056 Module
Interactive Systems Development CMM006 Module
Interface Design CM2006 Module
Internet Based Programming CM3006 Module
Intranet Systems Development CMM007 Module
Intranet Systems Development CM4003 Module
Introduction to Computing in a Business Environment CM1700 Module
Introduction To Database Systems CM2020 Module
Introduction To Object Oriented Programming CMM001 Module
It Project Management CMM102 Module
Knowledge Engineering CM3016 Module
Managing Information Services CMM104 Module
Mathematics 1A CM1901 Module
Mathematics 1B CM1902 Module
Mathematics 2 CM2901 Module
Mathematics 3A CM3900 Module
Msc Project CMM013 Module
Msc Project CMM513 Module
Msc Project (Online) CMM913 Module
Msc Project Investigation CMM012 Module
Msc Project Investigation CMM512 Module
Msc Project Investigation (Online) CMM912 Module
Multimedia Component Design CM3025 Module
Multimedia Programming CM4062 Module
Network Management Individual Honours Project CM4600 Module
Network Security CMM528 Module
New Trends In Computing CM4027 Module
Object Oriented Programming CMM504 Module
Object Oriented Programming Techniques CMM005 Module
Object Oriented Programming Techniques CMM905 Module
Object Oriented Software Design CM2015 Module
Object-Oriented Programming CM3008 Module
Perception And Visualisation CM3009 Module
Problem Solving And Modelling In Computing CM1014 Module
Professional Development and Research Skills CMM507 Module
Professional Development In Computing CM2013 Module
Professional Skills for Data Scientists CMM533 Module
Programming Embedded Devices CM2540 Module
Programming for Systems Administrators CM3123 Module
Programming for Systems Administrators CM3536 Module
Programming Mobile Devices CM3019 Module
Programming The Iphone CM3065 Module
Project Management In A Computing Environment CM3032 Module
Relational Database Systems CMM003 Module
Research Project CMM105 Module
Securing Networks CM4539 Module
Software Architecture and Software Engineering CM2027 Module
Software Design And Development CM1015 Module
Software Development for Graphics CM3037 Module
Software Project Engineering CMM904 Module
Software Project Engineering CMM004 Module
Strategic It Management CMM101 Module
Systems Development CM3004 Module
Tools For Graphics CM1017 Module
User Centred Design CM3026 Module
Virtual Systems Support CM4538 Module
Web Application Development CM3028 Module
Web Programming And E-Commerce CM2003 Module

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