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Academic And Professional Skills BS1118 Module
Accommodation Management BS2216 Module
Accounting and Finance BSS113 Module
Accounting For Management Decisions BS1115 Module
Accounting, Finance & Economics Literature Project BS3112 Module
Administrative Law BS2248 Module
Advanced Business Law BS2225 Module
Advanced Construction Law BSM576 Module
Advanced Financial Reporting CIMA F2 BS3372 Module
Advanced Law for Journalists BS2271 Module
Advanced Management Accounting CIMA P2 BS3371 Module
Advanced Mediation Practice BSM694 Module
Adventure And Activity Tourism BS1242 Module
Advertising Communication BS2247 Module
Advocacy and Mooting Skills BS3360 Module
Agri-Food Project Management BSM582 Module
Agribusiness Policy And Business Environment BSM088 Module
Alternative investments BSM704 Module
Applied Consumer Psychology BS4135 Module
Applied Financial Modelling BSM145 Module
Applied Management BS1255 Module
Applied News Production BS3157 Module
Appraisal Of Current Market Research BS4444 Module
Arbitration Law BSM601 Module
Arbitration Practice And Procedure BSM637 Module
Audio Production BS2167 Module
Auditing BS3374 Module
Brand Management BS2277 Module
Broadcast Journalism BSM130 Module
Broadcast Journalism And Production BS1259 Module
Business Accounting for Managers BS3953 Module
Business and Innovation BS4329 Module
Business And People Skills BS3122 Module
Business Consultancy Project BS3932 Module
Business Creativity BS4163 Module
Business Creativity and Innovation BSM180 Module
Business Development & Strategy BS4308 Module
Business Development, Marketing and Sales BSM834 Module
Business Economics BSM011 Module
Business Economics BS2211 Module
Business English BSB306 Module
Business Environment BSM029 Module
Business Ethics BS1264 Module
Business Ideas and Opportunities BS2293 Module
Business Information and Intelligence BSM668 Module
Business Information Systems BS2202 Module
Business Law BS2258 Module
Business Law BS2287 Module
Business Management Environment BS1119 Module
Business Management – Financial BS3382 Module
Business Marketing And Innovation BSM123 Module
Business Performance Concepts BS3391 Module
Business Perspectives BS2323 Module
Business Practice BSM020 Module
Business Practice In The Creative Industries BS3166 Module
Business Research BS3156 Module
Business Start Up In The Creative Industries BS3957 Module
Business Start-Up BSB305 Module
Business Strategy BS4104 Module
Capstone BSM823 Module
Cataloguing And Classification BSM058 Module
CCB Doctoral Community BSS350 Module
Celebrity Culture BS4173 Module
Change Management BSM155 Module
Cinema And Society BS4305 Module
Civil Court Practice BSM560 Module
Collective Employment Law BS4236 Module
Commercial Law BS2115 Module
Commercial Law BS2159 Module
Commercial Law BS2304 Module
Commercial Realities For Project Management BSM078 Module
Commercialisation Project BSM178 Module
Communication Principles and Practice BS1327 Module
Communication Principles And Theory BS1292 Module
Communication Project Management BS3922 Module
Communication Project Practice BS3923 Module
Company And Commercial BSM562 Module
Company Law BS3181 Module
Company Law BS3215 Module
Company Law (Online LLB) BS3946 Module
Comparative Company Law BSM584 Module
Comparative Company Law BS4297 Module
Comparative Government BSM611 Module
Comparative Public Affairs BSM097 Module
Concept Development Project BS3356 Module
Concepts and Theories of Digital Curation BSM717 Module
Constitutional Law BS1247 Module
Constitutional Law BS1309 Module
Construction Adjudication Law BSM651 Module
Construction Adjudication Procedure BSM652 Module
Construction Contracts In Context BSM613 Module
Construction Law BSM575 Module
Construction Law and Arbitration BSS005 Module
Consultancy Project BSM2051 Module
Consultancy Project BSM2050 Module
Consumer Behaviour BS2116 Module
Consumer Law BS3135 Module
Consumer Law and Policy BS4190 Module
Consumer Media & Communications BSM527 Module
Contemporary Human Resource Management BS2104 Module
Contemporary Issues In Politics BS3145 Module
Contemporary Journalism BS4133 Module
Contemporary Public Services BSM591 Module
Conveyancing BSM558 Module
Conveyancing Law 1 BS4140 Module
Conveyancing Law 2 BS4271 Module
Corporate And Capital Taxes BS4214 Module
Corporate Communication Project BS3252 Module
Corporate Ethics BS4209 Module
Corporate Events Management BS2284 Module
Corporate Financial Management BS4105 Module
Corporate Financial Management BSM007 Module
Corporate Financial Management BSM653 Module
Corporate Governance BS3195 Module
Corporate Governance And Value Assurance SUM404 Module
Corporate Human Resource Management For The Hospitality Industry BS3146 Module
Corporate Responsibility BS3300 Module
Creative Industries Theory And Practice BS3926 Module
Criminal Court Practice BSM561 Module
Criminal Justice BS4148 Module
Criminal Law BS2276 Module
Criminal Law 1 BS4141 Module
Criminal Law 2 BS4267 Module
Criminal Law Online BS2305 Module
Criminal Responsibility BS4177 Module
Criminology BS4268 Module
Critical Approaches To Corporate Communication BSM040 Module
Culinary Arts And Food Safety BS1108 Module
Cultural Aspects Of International Management BS4254 Module
Customer Focus And Relations In The Hospitality Environment BS3148 Module
Cyberliability BSM612 Module
Data Analysis BS4298 Module
Data Quality and Governance BS3968 Module
Database construction and use BSM053 Module
Delict BS2164 Module
Delict Online BS2307 Module
Design For Client BS2289 Module
Desktop Publishing For Journalists BS3130 Module
Digital Animation BS1253 Module
Digital Business BS4331 Module
Digital Curation Governance BSM721 Module
Digital Curation Technologies BSM720 Module
Digital Journalism In Practice BSM131 Module
Digital Libraries CBM836 Module
Digital Marketing Strategy BSM729 Module
Digital Media Platforms And Practices BS1288 Module
Digital News Portfolio BS4304 Module
Digital Public Relations BSM716 Module
Dispute Resolution BS4296 Module
Dispute Resolution In Oil And Gas Contracting BSM144 Module
Dissertation BS4118 Module
Dissertation BSM587 Module
Dissertation BSM581 Module
Dissertation BSM2550 Module
Dissertation BSM101 Module
Dissertation (Communication And Media) BS4292 Module
Dissertation (Msc) BSM313 Module
Document Control Foundation BS3931 Module
Documentary Discourse And Practice BS2290 Module
Doing Business Overseas BSM588 Module
E-Business BS4248 Module
E-Business And It Applications For Tourism And Hospitality BSM639 Module
E-Business In Retail BSM024 Module
E-Business Systems BSM019 Module
Economics Of Business BSM018 Module
Employee Relations BSM547 Module
Employee Relations And Reward BS4126 Module
Employee Resourcing & Development BS4124 Module
Employment Contracts And Rights BSM632 Module
Employment Law BS4143 Module
Employment Law For Managers BS4168 Module
Employment Tribunal Skills BSM103 Module
Energy Finance BSM671 Module
Energy Law And Policy BSM695 Module
Energy Policy And The Environment BSM117 Module
Energy Project BSM673 Module
Enterprise Development BS2109 Module
Entrepreneurial Practice In The Creative Industries BS3165 Module
Entrepreneurial Studies BS4208 Module
Entrepreneurship In The Legal Sector BS3950 Module
Environmental Aspects Of Oil And Gas Law BSM624 Module
Environmental Law BS4179 Module
Equality And Discrimination Law BSM104 Module
Ethics And The Consumer BS3136 Module
European Economy BS4101 Module
European Union BS2145 Module
European Union Law BS2161 Module
European Union Law BS2306 Module
European Union Law BS4174 Module
European Union Law: Constitutional Aspects BS4150 Module
European Union Law: Substantive Aspects BS4262 Module
European Union Trade Law BSM614 Module
Event Conceptualisation And Design BS1283 Module
Event Futures BS4194 Module
Event Impact and Legacy BS3974 Module
Event Management BSM143 Module
Event Operations BS1284 Module
Event Sponsorship And Fundraising BS3960 Module
Events Management BS3105 Module
Evidence: Law Theory And Practice BS4295 Module
External Reporting BS3142 Module
Family Law BS3174 Module
Family Law 1 BS4144 Module
Family Law 2 BS4270 Module
Fashion Branding BS3192 Module
Fashion Branding and the Consumer Exchange BSM742 Module
Fashion Business BSM660 Module
Fashion Buying and Forecasting BS4171 Module
Fashion Buying And Merchandising BS4228 Module
Fashion Communication BS2279 Module
Fashion Construction And Technology BS1267 Module
Fashion Design Concepts And Communication BS1266 Module
Fashion Identity And Communications BSM663 Module
Fashion Internationalisation and Distribution BSM661 Module
Fashion Logistics BS2295 Module
Fashion Project BS4172 Module
Fashion Retail BS1303 Module
Fashion Retail and Store Design BS1326 Module
Fashion Show Project BS3183 Module
Features Writing BS2157 Module
Fieldwork BS3233 Module
Fieldwork Placement BSM054 Module
Finance For Business Decisions BS2201 Module
Finance For Managers BSM017 Module
Finance Theory BSM002 Module
Financial Accounting BS1111 Module
Financial Accounting For Groups And Companies BS4111 Module
Financial Accounting For Managers BS1114 Module
Financial Decision-Making BS3143 Module
Financial Information And Decision Making BSM001 Module
Financial Institutions And Markets BSM003 Module
Financial Merchandising For Fashion BS3193 Module
Financial Modelling and Valuation of Oil and Gas Projects BSM746 Module
Financial Reporting and Taxation CIMA F1 BS2372 Module
Financial Reporting Issues And Applications BS4215 Module
Financial Reporting Practice BS3217 Module
Financial Services And Accountancy BSM564 Module
Financing Public Services BSM603 Module
Finanzen Und Controlling BSB301 Module
Food And Beverage Management BS2102 Module
Food and Beverage Operations BS1302 Module
Food And Beverage Skills BS2101 Module
Foreign Placement Module 2 BS3342 Module
Foreign University Study 1 BS2149 Module
Foreign University Study 10 BS3348 Module
Foreign University Study 11 BS3349 Module
Foreign University Study 2 BS2150 Module
Foreign University Study 3 BS2151 Module
Foreign University Study 4 BS2152 Module
Foreign University Study 5 BS3341 Module
Foreign University Study 7 BS3343 Module
Foreign University Study 8 BS3344 Module
Foreign University Study 9 BS3347 Module
Forschungsmethoden in Betriebswirtschaftlichen Kontexten [Research Methods in a Business Context] BSB307 Module
Fundamentals Of Business Economics BS1299 Module
Fundamentals Of Employment Law BS3351 Module
Fundamentals Of Ethics, Corporate Governance And Business Law BS1300 Module
Future Tourism BS4142 Module
Global Business Practice BS4330 Module
Global Civil Society BSM572 Module
Global Fashion Strategy BS4321 Module
Global Marketing Management BSM518 Module
Globalisation BS2262 Module
Governance and Public Policy Making BSM119 Module
Governing The Uk BS1249 Module
Government And Public Affairs BSM132 Module
Government In Britain BS2273 Module
Halliburton T Shaped Professionals BSS148 Module
Hazard Identification And Risk Management BSM626 Module
Health And Safety Law BSM634 Module
Health and Safety Management Fundamentals BS3961 Module
Health, Safety And Risk In An Organisational Context BSM622 Module
Health, Safety And Risk Management: Accident Investigation And Analysis BSM629 Module
Health, Safety And Risk: Behavioural Management BSM628 Module
Health, Safety And Risk: People Management BSM627 Module
Health, Safety And Risk: Professional Development And Practice BSM631 Module
Health, Safety And The Law BSM625 Module
Heritage Management BS4145 Module
Hospitality Accounting BS4317 Module
Hospitality Contract Management BS4275 Module
Hospitality Management In Practice BS3180 Module
Hospitality Property Services And Management BS3160 Module
Hospitality Retail Management BS3159 Module
Hotel Operation Management BS2321 Module
Hotel Operations Management BSM830 Module
Hrm For Managers BS1117 Module
HRM Masters Project BSM167 Module
Human Resource Management BSM015 Module
Human Resource Management BSM534 Module
Human Rights BS2223 Module
Human Rights BS1287 Module
Human Rights (Online LLB) BS1308 Module
I.T. For Managers BS3111 Module
Immigration Law BS4320 Module
In-depth Case Study BSM788 Module
Industrial Economics BS4106 Module
Industry Experience Portfolio 1 BS1285 Module
Information Accessibility BSM105 Module
Information Dissemination BSM110 Module
Information Governance BSM111 Module
Information Literacy BS3262 Module
Information Management Systems BSM655 Module
Information Seeking and Use CBM808 Module
Information Society BS3163 Module
Information Studies BSM050 Module
Information Technology BS3121 Module
Information Technology Law BS4291 Module
Intellectual Capital Management BSM620 Module
Intellectual Property Law BSM583 Module
Intellectual Property Law BS4216 Module
Interactive Media Project BS3138 Module
Intercultural Communication BS4146 Module
International Banking BSM120 Module
International Branding BSM149 Module
International Business BSM517 Module
International Business BS2158 Module
International Business BS1113 Module
International Business Law BSM585 Module
International Business Strategy BSM807 Module
International Commercial Arbitration Moot BSM790 Module
International Commercial Dispute Resolution BSM586 Module
International Construction Contracts BSM135 Module
International Corporate Governance BSM314 Module
International Finance BS4213 Module
International Human Resource Management BS4193 Module
International Human Resource Management BSM782 Module
International Human Rights Law BS4158 Module
International Management BS1281 Module
International Marketing BS4222 Module
International Oil And Gas Accounting BSM156 Module
International Organisations BS4191 Module
International Private Law BS4115 Module
International Retailing BS4261 Module
International Trade Law BS4269 Module
International Trade Organisations BSM589 Module
International Trading BS3200 Module
Introduction to commercial dispute resolution BSS055 Module
Introduction To Management Accounting BS1208 Module
Introduction To Marketing BS1116 Module
Introduction To Media Law BS1258 Module
Introductory Economics BS1109 Module
Investigative Journalism BS4326 Module
Investment Management BSM008 Module
Issues In Uk Oil And Gas Law BS3206 Module
Journalism And Literature BS3198 Module
Journalism Project/Dissertation BSM134 Module
Journalism Studies BS2166 Module
Journalism Theory And Application BS1257 Module
Journalism Theory And Application BSM127 Module
Judicial Review and Public Administration BS4182 Module
Jurisprudence BS1246 Module
Knowledge Asset Management BSM667 Module
Knowledge Management BS3191 Module
Knowledge Management BS4246 Module
Knowledge Management: Systems BSM064 Module
Knowledge Organisation BSM623 Module
Labour Law BSM633 Module
Labour Market Economics BS4256 Module
Launching A New Venture BSM2530 Module
Law for Employment BSM731 Module
Law Of Business Associations BS3125 Module
Law Of Contract BS2153 Module
Law of Contract (Online LLB) BS2303 Module
Law Of Evidence BS2246 Module
Law Of Evidence (Online LLB) BS2310 Module
Law of Obligations and Evidence BSM743 Module
Law Of Succession BS4152 Module
Law of succession BS3175 Module
Leadership BS4220 Module
Leadership and Management BSM778 Module
Leadership And Strategic Management BSM607 Module
Leadership, Communication And Change BSM116 Module
Leading, Managing and Developing People BSM159 Module
Learning And Development BSM546 Module
Legal Aspects of Mergers & Acquisitions BSM108 Module
Legal Context Of H.R.M. BSM544 Module
Legal Ethics And Professional Responsibility BS4918 Module
Legal Framework BSM802 Module
Legal Issues In Construction BS4175 Module
Legal Methods BS1112 Module
Legal Methods (Online LLB) BS1307 Module
Legal Systems BS1110 Module
Legal Systems (Online LLB) BS1306 Module
Legal Systems And Contract Law BSM579 Module
Legal Systems, Skills and Ethics BS1330 Module
Legal Systems, Skills and Ethics LL1331 Module
Legal Systems, Skills and Ethics LL1330 Module
Legal Systems, Skills and Ethics (Online LLB) BS1331 Module
Legal Theory BS2162 Module
Lifelong Learning And Development BSM165 Module
Lifestyle Consumption and Experience Economies BS4294 Module
Live Festival Management BS3970 Module
Logistics Management BS4223 Module
Magazine Journalism BS3924 Module
Management Accounting BS3969 Module
Management Accounting BS1270 Module
Management Accounting CIMA P1 BS2371 Module
Management Accounting Decision Making and Control BSM665 Module
Management Accounting Decision-Making & Control BS4112 Module
Management Accounting Issues And Applications BS4212 Module
Management And Cost Accounting BS2214 Module
Management Concepts BS1203 Module
Management Development Programme BS1260 Module
Management Environment BS3120 Module
Management In Practice BS3221 Module
Management Of Change BS3214 Module
Management Of Innovation BS3131 Module
Management of People BS3951 Module
Management Of Personal Selling And Sales BS3197 Module
Management Practice And Reflective Learning BS3357 Module
Management Principles: The Information Context BS3264 Module
Management Projects BS3916 Module
Management Studies For Law BS3258 Module
Managing And Leading People BSM571 Module
Managing Business Operations To Add Value BS3925 Module
Managing Finance BS3123 Module
Managing Human Resources In A Business Context BSM541 Module
Managing in the Creative Industries BS1311 Module
Managing In The Fashion Industry BS1268 Module
Managing Information BSM542 Module
Managing Information Services BSM106 Module
Managing Library Services BSM137 Module
Managing People BSM023 Module
Managing Risk and Security in the Events Industry BS2285 Module
Managing Strategy For Hospitality BS4199 Module
Managing Subsurface Exploration and Production Data BS3965 Module
Managing The Public Sector BS3106 Module
Marine And Wildlife Tourism BS4226 Module
Maritime Law BSM789 Module
Market Research BSM016 Module
Marketing BS1225 Module
Marketing BSM505 Module
Marketing Communications BS4121 Module
Marketing Concepts BSM657 Module
Marketing Decisions BSM010 Module
Marketing To Organisations BS3196 Module
Marketing-Management BSB304 Module
Media History BS3350 Module
Media Industries BSM066 Module
Media Law BSM128 Module
Media Law BS4217 Module
Media Production Project BS2278 Module
Media Semiotics And Discourse BS2291 Module
Media Strategy BS4164 Module
Mediation in Context BSM693 Module
Mediation in Practice BSM692 Module
Medical Ethics BS4272 Module
Medical Law BS2275 Module
Merchandise Technology And Planning BS2215 Module
Money And Financial Markets BS3918 Module
New Business Project BS3201 Module
New Media Marketing BSM126 Module
News Writing BS2272 Module
News Writing BSM129 Module
Oil & Gas Taxation: Fiscal Law and Policy BSM151 Module
Oil and Gas Business Development and Commercial Contracting BSM181 Module
Oil And Gas Contract Law BSM578 Module
Oil And Gas Economics BSM179 Module
Oil And Gas Law BSM083 Module
Oil And Gas Management BSM2519 Module
Oil And Gas Management Accounting BSM157 Module
Oil and Gas Markets and Derivatives BSM747 Module
Omni-Channel Fashion BS2317 Module
Operational Financial Management BSM013 Module
Operations Management BS2108 Module
Operations Management BSM311 Module
Operations Management: A Supply Chain Approach BSM014 Module
Operations Management: Oil And Gas BSM118 Module
Organisational Behaviour BS2103 Module
Organisational Management CIMA E1 BS2370 Module
Organisational Marketing BS3132 Module
People Management BS1204 Module
People Management and Organisational Development BSM154 Module
People Resourcing And Reward BSM548 Module
Performance Planning And Decision Making BSM374 Module
Personal And Business Finance BS2268 Module
Personal and Business Finance Decisions BS2312 Module
Personal And Business Taxation BS4113 Module
Personal And Professional Development BSM545 Module
Personal Project BS3295 Module
Personal Selling & Sales Management BS3231 Module
Petrolium Economics And Asset Management BSM207 Module
Photojournalism AA2001 Module
Placement BS3301 Module
Placement BS3302 Module
Planning And Developing Library & Information Services BSM553 Module
Policy Analysis BSM606 Module
Political Communication BS4257 Module
Political Communication And Public Affairs BSM068 Module
Political Participation And Pressure Groups In An Age Of Global Politics BS3144 Module
Portfolio Investment & Wealth Management BSM703 Module
Portfolio Of Evidence (Work-Based Experience) BS3185 Module
Portfolio Writing BSM133 Module
Post-Modern Culture BS4160 Module
Pr Strategy And Specialisms BS3921 Module
Practical legal skills BS3177 Module
Practical legal skills and ethics BS2309 Module
Practical Management Accounting BS3188 Module
Practice Management BSM565 Module
Principles And Practice Of Reporting BS2274 Module
Print Journalism BS1214 Module
Private Client BSM559 Module
Professional and Academic Skills For Accountants BS1294 Module
Professional Body Of Knowledge In Project Management BSM085 Module
Professional Communication BS1262 Module
Professional Communication Skills BS1261 Module
Professional Ethics And Conduct BSM566 Module
Professional Fieldwork Placement BSM152 Module
Project and Relationship Management CIMA E2 BS3370 Module
Project Fundamentals BSM084 Module
Project Management - Change BS3955 Module
Project Management - Commercial & Strategic BS3956 Module
Project Management - Operations BS3954 Module
Project Management Dissertation BSM082 Module
Project Management for Digital Curation BSM718 Module
Project Management Individual Project BSM080 Module
Project Planning, Evaluation and Control BSM201 Module
Project Strategy, Leadership and Governance BSM077 Module
Project Technical Implementation BSM079 Module
Projects - The Changing Context BS3352 Module
Projects - The Commercial Context BS3353 Module
Projects - The Operational Context BS3355 Module
Projects - The Strategic Context BS3354 Module
Property Law BS2255 Module
Property Law (Online LLB) BS2302 Module
Property Rights in Land BS2165 Module
Property Rights in Land (Online LLB) BS2308 Module
Providing Data Management Services BS3967 Module
Public International Law BS4218 Module
Public International Law BSM602 Module
Public Relations BS2253 Module
Public Relations Theory & Practice BSM065 Module
Publishing Project BS3229 Module
Purchasing Principles And Law BSM022 Module
Quality Environmental and Sustainable Management Systems BSM521 Module
Quality Management BS4123 Module
Quality Management and Business Excellence Models BSM522 Module
Quantitative Business Techniques BS2114 Module
Quantitative Methods For Finance BSM004 Module
Records Management BSM136 Module
Regional Economic Integration BSM597 Module
Renewable Energy Issue BSM109 Module
Renewable Energy Management BSM158 Module
Reparation Law And Evidence BSM580 Module
Research Methods BS3141 Module
Research Methods BSM777 Module
Research Methods BS3184 Module
Research Methods BS3207 Module
Research Methods BSM055 Module
Research Methods BS4289 Module
Research Methods BSM577 Module
Research Methods (Communication And Media) BS4302 Module
Research Methods In A Hospitality Context BS3149 Module
Research Project BS4322 Module
Research Project BSM784 Module
Resourcing and Talent Management BSM162 Module
Retail Distribution And Logistics BS4149 Module
Retail Loyalty BS2147 Module
Retail Operations BS1245 Module
Retail Strategy BS4169 Module
Retail strategy and internationalisation BS4309 Module
Retailing In Context BSM140 Module
Revenue Law BS4273 Module
Reward Management BSM161 Module
Risk Management and Business Continuity BSM699 Module
Roman Law BS4116 Module
Safety, Health And Environmental Risk Management BSM741 Module
Service Sector Management Concepts BS1000 Module
Social And Cultural Marketing BSM124 Module
Social Welfare BSM609 Module
Store Design And Visual Merchandising BS2256 Module
Strategic analysis for the energy sector BSM672 Module
Strategic Digital Communications BSM805 Module
Strategic Health, Safety And Risk Management BSM630 Module
Strategic Management BSM147 Module
Strategic Management BSM2536 Module
Strategic Management Environment BSM146 Module
Strategic Management In Tourism And Hospitality BSM552 Module
Strategic Marketing Management BS4225 Module
Strategic Marketing Management BSM148 Module
Strategic Operations and Project Management BSM658 Module
Strategic Operations Management: Oil & Gas BSM659 Module
Strategic Planning And Change Management For The Hospitality Industry BS3147 Module
Strategic Planning And Change Management In The Hospitality Industry BS3190 Module
Strategic Purchasing BSM520 Module
Studying Law Abroad 1 BS3202 Module
Studying Law Abroad 2 BS3203 Module
Studying Law Abroad 3 BS3204 Module
Studying Law Abroad 4 BS3205 Module
Succession (Online LLB) BS3944 Module
Supply Chain Management BS4313 Module
Supply Chain Management BSM523 Module
Sustainable Tourism Management BS2212 Module
System Development for Digital Curation BSM722 Module
Taxation Law BS3933 Module
Technology In The Service Sector BS2206 Module
Technology Innovation and Commercialisation BSM833 Module
Telecommunications And Electronic Media Law BSM616 Module
Termination Of Employment BSM654 Module
The Data Management Lifecycle BS3966 Module
The Digital Age BSM555 Module
The Economic Environment BS2107 Module
The Economics Of International Business BS4206 Module
The Event Industry BS1282 Module
The Events Industry: Context And Operations BS1329 Module
The Fashion Business BS1265 Module
The Financial Environment BS1201 Module
The Global Leadership Challenge BS4334 Module
The Learning Organisation BSM138 Module
The Media Business BS1289 Module
The Practice Of Auditing BS3211 Module
The Retail Environment BS1209 Module
The Safety Framework Plan BSM835 Module
The Safety Framework: Do, Check, Act BSM829 Module
The Theory Of Auditing BS3212 Module
Theory & Principles of Conflict Resolution BSM691 Module
Thesis BS4200 Module
Tourism Destination Development BS2148 Module
Tourism Hospitality Environment BS1210 Module
Tourism Hospitality Environment and Industry BS1328 Module
Transport And The Environment BSM115 Module
Transport Planning And Behaviour BSM114 Module
Transport Policy BSM112 Module
Treasury Management BSM005 Module
Treasury Management BS4201 Module
Uk Oil And Gas Law BS4114 Module
Understanding organisations BS2313 Module
User Participation and Engagement BSM719 Module
Values And Ethics In A Democratic Context BSM604 Module
Verkaufsmanagement BSB303 Module
Veränderungsprozesse Gestalten BSB308 Module
Visual Culture And Design BS1290 Module
Web Design BS2257 Module
Wirtschaftsrecht BSB302 Module
Women And Media BS4276 Module
Workplace Experience BS3257 Module
Workplace Internship BS3161 Module
Workplace Management Project Within The Hospitality Industry BS3150 Module
World Trade And Money BSM617 Module

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