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  2. Core Textbooks 4 items
    Main textbooks to be used most weeks - choose the one you prefer. Whichever you choose, occasional weeks we'll use another which will be available as e-book, digitised/scanned reading, or another way that everyone can access.
    1. An introduction to health psychology - Val Morrison, Paul Bennett 2016 (electronic resource)


    2. Introduction to health psychology - Val Morrison, Paul Bennett 2016

      Book Suggested for student purchase Excellent textbook by Val Morrison and Paul Bennett, and the most recent available (2016).

    3. Health psychology - Ogden, Jane 2012

      Book Suggested for student purchase Classic British health psychology textbook for undergraduate students. Library has five paper copies and e-book.

    4. Health psychology: a textbook - Ogden, Jane 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  This is the eBook version of the above book.

  3. Digitised readings 3 items
    For certain topics (as core or optional reading), the library has scanned in chapters from books only held as paper copies, so that everybody can read them. If you prefer, you can borrow a paper copy of the book from the library and read the chapter in that.
    1. In the hospital : the setting, procedures, and effects on patients (Chapter 10)

      Chapter Essential Week 1 core reading, covering psychology as it applies to the hospital. Chapter digitised from Sarafino's textbook.

    2. Predicting and changing health behaviour: research and practice with social cognition models 2015

      Book Recommended Please read Chapter 10 on Implementation Intentions (as scanned chapter)

    3. Smoking (Chapter 3) - Lion Shahab, Robert West

      Chapter Essential Core reading for our class on smoking. Chapter digitised from French et al.'s health psychology textbook.

  4. Health Psychology Revision Guides 4 items
    These may be very useful for revision, and helping you get to grips with the topics (especially the theories, and evidence supporting them)
    1. Health psychology - Chater, Angel, Cook, Erica 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended This study guide is very good for an introduction to health psychology as well as health behaviour topics, stress, and healthcare communication.

    2. Health psychology - Rodham, Karen 2010

      Book Optional Turn to this little book when you want an accessible and basic introduction to the key topics

    3. Key concepts in health psychology - Albery, I., Munafo, Marcus 2008

      Book Optional This book gives a good explanation, evaluation and research summary of many of the theories we cover on the module. It’s helpful to consult as a supplement to the main textbooks, particularly when we cover theoretical models of health behaviour and also some others.

    4. Key concepts in health psychology - Albery, I., Munafo, Marcus 2008 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional This is the eBook version of the above book.

  5. Additional Reading 27 items
    Some of these will be suggested in class, others are for your private study and coursework.
    1. Predicting and Changing Health Behaviour 2015

      Book Recommended This book is excellent on theories of health behaviour. You will find it extremely useful for your coursework, and for reading about these theories. As mentioned by me in class.

    2. Health Psychology - Charles Abraham, Mark Conner, Fiona Jones, Daryl O'Connor 2016

      Book Optional “This textbook gives a really good overview of the basics of key areas of health psychology with good reference to research on each topic. Charles Abraham is a prominent UK health psychologist”.

    3. Health Psychology - Charles Abraham, Mark Conner, Fiona Jones, Daryl O'Connor 2016

      Book Optional This is the eBook version of the above book.

    4. Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions - Sarafino, Edward P, Smith, Timothy W 2014

      Book Recommended Latest edition (2014). Other editions can also be used for our purposes, as long as you don't go more than 10 years old. This is a very good American textbook. It is fantastic for almost all topics in Part 1 of the module (i.e. psychology in illness and healthcare). It also has useful chapters for Part 2.

    5. Health psychology: biopsychosocial interactions - Sarafino, Edward P., Smith, Timothy W. 2012

      Book Recommended This previous edition of Sarafino is still up-to-date, and good to use.

    6. Health psychology - French, David, British Psychological Society 2010

      Book Recommended Each chapter of this textbook was written by an expert(s) – often the top names in each area. It is also approved by the British Psychological Society for use on accredited Health Psychology MSc courses. We use it because certain chapters are really good for our module and well-written – especially the chapter on smoking and the one on physical activity.

    7. Child health psychology: a biopsychosocial perspective - Julie Turner-Cobb 2013

      Book Recommended If you are interested in health psychology as applied to children, you will find this recent book very interesting.

    8. Health psychology in action - Mark Forshaw, David Sheffield 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional “This book has each chapter written by a different health psychologist, and gives an insight into the different things they do in their jobs and what health psychology has to offer in different areas. It also gives an insight into clinical roles as a health psychologist and the ways health psychology applies to real-world issues. Like most psychologists, a health psychologist can work in academia, practice, or a mix. This book illustrates some of these roles.”

    9. Health psychology - Shelley E. Taylor 2015

      Book Optional Taylor’s classic American textbook on health psychology can be useful for topics in the psychology of illness and healthcare and some health behaviour topics.

    10. Health psychology - Taylor, Shelley E. 2012

      Book Optional Earlier edition to the one above but it is still useable.

    11. Handbook of psychology: History of psychology - Irving B. Weiner 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional Read about the history of Health Psychology. RELEVANT CHAPTER: Chapter 22 (Health Psychology)

    12. The behaviour change wheel: a guide to designing interventions - Michie, Susan, Atkins, Lou, West, Robert 2014

      Book Optional Gives a full coverage of the Behaviour Change Wheel and how to use it to design interventions to change behaviour. E-book also available for £4 from the book's website at

    13. Psychology of pain - Suzanne Skevington 1995

      Book Optional This book goes into more detail about the psychology of pain, its measurement, psychological contributors, and interventions. It is from 1995 but the basics have not changed since then.

    14. Essential readings in health psychology - Jane Ogden 2008

      Book Optional This book is a collection of key and classic papers in Health Psychology that illustrate key themes or points. It is an accompanying volume to Jane Ogden's health psychology textbook.

    15. On death and dying: what the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy, and their own families - Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth 1997

      Book Optional We look at death and dying in Week 1. This psychology classic describes the experience of people nearing the end of their lives, and how best to help them achieve a peaceful and dignified death. Some people find this book changes their whole way of looking at the experience of dying (for themselves and others), and it is certainly is packed with insights. She also describes her five-stage model of the experience of dying (but see criticisms of this we cover in class). Also see other books in library by same author.

    16. The psychology of eating and drinking - A. W. Logue 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book  An excellent book on the psychology of eating behaviour.

    17. The psychology of eating: from healthy to disordered behavior - Ogden, Jane 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional If you are interested by our class on diet and eating behaviour, you might like this book by Ogden, who specialises in this area. It goes into much more detail than in her main textbook chapter.

    18. Slim by design: mindless eating solutions for everyday life - Brian Wansink 2016

      Book Optional Book by Brian Wansink about how to apply his team's research on the impact of food's environment, presentation and packaging. Please note: Not in the same location in library as the other health psychology books. Check shelf number.

    19. Mindless eating: why we eat more than we think - Brian Wansink 2011

      Book  Book by Brian Wansink about his team's research on the impact of food's environment, presentation and packaging. Please note: Not in the same location in library as the other health psychology books. Check shelf number.

    20. Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength - Dr Roy F Baumeister, John Tierney 2012

      Book Optional Popular science book about Baumeister and colleagues' theory of ego strength, and how ego depletion affects our choices and behaviour.

    21. Theory of addiction - Robert West, Jamie Brown 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional Robert West is a health psychologist who is a major researcher in the field of smoking cessation, and his PRIME theory is the most convincing so far for understanding addictions such as smoking. There are plenty of useful insights here into smoking and how smoking cessation methods actually work. Chapters 1 and 7-9 are the most useful.

    22. Psychology of physical activity: determinants, well-being and interventions - Stuart Biddle, Nanette Mutrie, T. Gorely 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended “This useful and classic book covers the psychology of why people engage in physical activity and interventions to increase physical activity, including coverage of major theories applied to activity and other health behaviours. It also covers other topics related to exercise psychology.”

    23. Social psychology and health - Wolfgang Stroebe 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional “This book has a lot of details on theories of health behaviour, and also on the relationship between stress and health”.

    24. Assessment in health psychology 2015

      Book Optional Like all areas of applied psychology, it's very important for a researcher or practitioner to be able to measure current psychological concepts. Detailed guidance in this book.

    25. Body image: understanding body dissatisfaction in men, women and children - Sarah Grogan 2017

      Book Optional Are you interested in body image, body esteem, or dissatisfaction with body image? If so you need to read this book.

    26. Health psychology in practice - Susan Michie, Charles Abraham, British Psychological Society 2004 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional Useful guide to professional training ("Stage 2") in health psychology. Includes professional issues, research, consultancy and interventions, teaching and training and other professional roles. While some of the syllabus of the Stage 2 training has changed since then (such as an increase in the amount of focus on delivering interventions to clients), this still covers the main roles and gives a good indication of what is involved. Very useful reading for anyone considering a health psychology career as practitioner or academic. Library also has one paper copy.

    27. Applied psychology - Graham Davey, British Psychological Society 2011

      Book Optional This book has several chapters on each of the main fields of applied psychology. It appears here because of Chapter 11 "Training and Working as a Health Psychologist", which is guest-written by a group of well-known health psychologists. It covers the training in the UK to be a health psychologist in practice and/or academia, and the work they do. This is the best place to start when looking for info on careers in health psychology.

  6. Dictionary of Psychology 1 item
    1. APA Dictionary of Psychology - American Psychological Association 2015

      Book Recommended During your studies for this and other psychology modules it may be helpful to find definitions of unfamiliar psychological terms. This is the best and most comprehensive dictionary of psychology yet produced (it is the result of a decade-long project at the American Psychological Association) and is an excellent resource. Some copies can be borrowed, one is reference-only.