1. Reading List - Management of Innovation 6 items
    1. Innovation management: effective strategy and implementation - Keith Goffin, Rick Mitchell 2016

      Book  This is the module core text. It provides a good all-round overview of issues in the management of innovation and is well supported with relevant case studies. It draws well on academic theory and principles throughout.

    2. Innovation studies: evolution and future challenges - Jan Fagerberg (EDITOR), Ben R. Martin (EDITOR), Esben Sloth Andersen (EDITOR) 2014

      Book  This text establishes what we have come to know about innovation and features individual expositions of the current state of knowledge in the field of innovation studies from key authors. A theme of societal benefits from innovation is evident.

    3. Innovation management and new product development - Paul Trott c2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  This text provides a comprehensive overview of the new product development process and has three main themes: innovation management; turning technology into business; and new product development.

    4. Grounded innovation: strategies for inventing smart products - Lars Erik Holmquist c2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  This text provides specific context to the emergence and importance of ‘digital products’ and contrasts the issues and methods of inquiry and invention in the innovation management process.

    5. Strategic innovation management - Joseph Tidd, J. R. Bessant 2014

      Book  This text provides a good overview of the strategic importance of innovation. Not available e-access.

    6. Managing innovation: integrating technological, market and organizational change - Joseph Tidd, J. R. Bessant 2013

      Book  This text sets out the need to incorporate a range of activities within the totality of the innovation management process. Not available e-access.

  2. Reading list - Enterprise and Innovation 4 items
    1. Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Peter F. Drucker 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book  This text identifies a range of sources and drivers for the practice of innovation and places an emphasis on entrepreneurship in differing managerial contexts.

    2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Theory, Policy and Practice - Elias G. Carayannis, Elpida T. Samara, Yannis L. Bakouros 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book  This text provide an introduction to innovation management and then goes on to explore systems approaches to innovation with a further emphasis on technological entrepreneurship

    3. Enterprise: entrepreneurship and innovation - Robin Lowe, Sue Marriott 2006

      Book  This text begins with the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship and explores that ways in which these themes influence innovation. The text usefully sets out several key concepts in innovation management, managing for growth as well as a number of contexts including family business, social, public and not-for profit.

    4. Innovation and entrepreneurship - J. R. Bessant, Joseph Tidd 2015

      Book  This text provides an entrepreneurship lens to the practice of innovation. Not available e-access.

  3. Reading list - Business Model Innovation 3 items
    1. Business model innovation: the organizational dimension - Nicolai J. Foss (EDITOR), Tina Saebi (EDITOR) 2015

      Book  This text sets out the importance of business model innovation as a source of competitive advantage. Organisational dimensions and the management of change are features of the text

    2. Business model innovation: concepts, analysis, and cases - Allan Afuah 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book  This text takes a strategic look at the development of new business model approaches which can be used to disrupt or sustain organisations in their quest for competitive advantage.

    3. Exploring the field of business model innovation: new theoretical perspectives - Oliver Gassmann, Karolin Frankenberger, Roman Sauer 2016

      Book  This text explains and integrates a number of schools of thought and key concepts in the academic study and practitioner approach to the development and management of business models.

  4. Reading list - Open Innovation 2 items
    1. Leading open innovation - Anne Sigismund Huff, Kathrin M. Mèoslein, Ralf Reichwald c2013 (electronic resource)

      Book  This text sets out a rationale for more non-traditional approaches to innovation with an emphasis on open innovation practices and how different actors and stakeholder may contribute to open innovation processes.

    2. Open innovation: academic and practical perspectives on the journey from idea to market - Arthur B. Markman (EDITOR) 2016

      Book  This text explores some concepts and techniques in developing open innovation practices and sets out reasons why open innovation is ripe for the modern business environment.

  5. Reading list - Creativity and Innovation 3 items
    1. Creativity and strategic innovation management: directions for future value in changing times - Malcolm Goodman, Sandra M. Dingli 2017

      Book  This text overlays the importance of change management in the implementation of innovation within organisations. It also surfaces the context for innovation in a changing business environment together with the importance of creativity and its link to strategic innovation.

    2. Tools for innovation - Arthur B. Markman, Kristin L. Wood 2009 (electronic resource)

      Book  This texts explore a number of structured and unstructured approaches to creativity and problem solving.

    3. Handbook of organizational creativity - Michael D. Mumford c2012 (electronic resource)

      Book  This text provides a comprehensive and systematic coverage of creativity in the context of individuals, groups, organisations and interventions to enhance and encourage creativity.

  6. Reading list - Leadership and Innovation 2 items
    1. Top down innovation - Mary J. Cronin 2014

      Book  This text presents a series of individual case studies at the firm level from the perspective of innovation leadership from top managers and senior executives. There is an attempt to link these to core strategic leadership styles.

    2. Meeting the innovation challenge: leadership for transformation and growth - Scott G. Isaksen, Joseph Tidd c2006 (electronic resource)

      Book  This texts takes a leadership and change management approach to support practices of innovation within organisations.

  7. Reading list - Service Innovation 1 item
    1. The handbook of service innovation - Renu Agarwal (EDITOR), Willem Selen (EDITOR), Gèoran Roos (EDITOR), Roy Green (EDITOR) 2015

      Book  This text provides a review of the academic literature on service innovation with major elements on skills and capabilities in service innovation and also the technological developments in the field. Designing and managing service innovation also features strongly as well as bringing out organisational and international contexts.

  8. Reading list - Videos 10 items
    1. Open innovation - Eugene Buff 2016 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

    2. Customer driven innovation - Eugene Buff 2016 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

    3. Innovation in family business - Alfredo De Massis 2015 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

    4. Creative collaboration: innovation and creativity in teams - C. M. Fisher 2013 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

    5. Innovation and new product development (INPD) - Vish V. Krishnan 2012 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

    6. The fuzzy front end of innovation - Gunnar ÿskarsson 2015 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

    7. Innovation: the paradox of back to the future - Johannes M. Pennings 2011 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

    8. Creativity - Christina E. Shalley 2012 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

    9. Crash course on entrepreneurial learning - Ricardo Zozimo 2015 (electronic resource)

      Audio-visual document 

  9. Reading list - Academic Journals 4 items