1. Reading List 15 items
    1. The Scottish legal system - Robin M. White, Ian Douglas Willock, Hector L. MacQueen 2013

      Book Essential

    2. Legal skills - Emily Finch, Stefan Fafinski 2017

      Book Essential This is my particular favourite among the many Legal Skills textbooks available, You can see why I like it so much if you look inside the back cover

    3. Legal research skills for Scots lawyers - Fiona Grant 2014

      Book Essential

    4. The Scottish legal system: an introduction to the study of Scots law - David M. Walker 2001

      Book Recommended prefer White and Willock because it is much more up to date publication

    5. Legal Skills - Lisa Cherkassky, Julia Cressey, Christopher Gale 2011


    6. Legal ethics - Jonathan Herring 2017


    7. Studying Scots law - Hector L. MacQueen 2016

      Book  a very useful guide with information about legal education and hints and tips on university teaching and assessments- a good way to get started

    8. Glossary of legal terms - Stephen R. O'Rourke 2009

      Book  (cheap and cheerful and a quick way of finding out about unfamiliar terminology)

    9. Successful legal writing - Edwina Higgins, Laura Tatham 2011

      Book  (I think this is a cracker. Buy this now and have a handy guide for the duration of your course. It is user friendly and accessible- a useful addition to Finch and Fafinski)

    10. Success in law studies: the 10 keys to top grades - Elimma C. Ezeani 2013

      Book  (a short, inexpensive guide to the essentials of preparing and writing assessments, written by a colleague in the Law School, but not as detailed as Higgins and Tatham)

    11. Legal Skills - Lisa Cherkassky, Julia Cressey, Christopher Gale 2011


    12. Learning legal skills and reasoning - Sharon Hanson 2015 (electronic resource)


    13. Legal writing - Lisa Webley 2016 (electronic resource)


    14. The English legal system: 2013-2014 - Gary Slapper, David Kelly 2013 (electronic resource)