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    1. The Scottish legal system - Robin M. White, Ian Douglas Willock, Hector L. MacQueen 2013

      Book Essential

    2. Legal Skills 2017

      Book Essential This is my particular favourite among the many Legal Skills textbooks available, You can see why I like it so much if you look inside the back cover

    3. Legal research skills for Scots lawyers - Fiona Grant 2014

      Book Essential

    4. The Scottish legal system: an introduction to the study of Scots law - David M. Walker 2001

      Book Recommended prefer White and Willock because it is much more up to date publication

    5. Legal Skills - Lisa Cherkassky, Julia Cressey, Christopher Gale 2011


    6. Legal Ethics 2017

      Book  Library copy not yet available

    7. Studying Scots law - Hector L. MacQueen 2016

      Book  a very useful guide with information about legal education and hints and tips on university teaching and assessments- a good way to get started

    8. Glossary of legal terms - Stephen R. O'Rourke 2009

      Book  (cheap and cheerful and a quick way of finding out about unfamiliar terminology)

    9. Successful legal writing - Edwina Higgins, Laura Tatham 2011

      Book  (I think this is a cracker. Buy this now and have a handy guide for the duration of your course. It is user friendly and accessible- a useful addition to Finch and Fafinski)

    10. Success in law studies: the 10 keys to top grades - Elimma C. Ezeani 2013

      Book  (a short, inexpensive guide to the essentials of preparing and writing assessments, written by a colleague in the Law School, but not as detailed as Higgins and Tatham)

    11. Legal Skills - Lisa Cherkassky, Julia Cressey, Christopher Gale 2011


    12. Learning legal skills and reasoning - Sharon Hanson 2015 (electronic resource)


    13. Legal writing - Lisa Webley 2016 (electronic resource)


    14. The English legal system: 2013-2014 - Gary Slapper, David Kelly 2013 (electronic resource)